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“Here” movie screened at Sundance Fest, Kohar Carpet on display at Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Review of January 17-23 cultural events.

January 23, 2011
Over the past week, cultural life in Armenia and abroad featured a number spectacular events.

Baku myths about ‘Albanian crosses’ or Azerbaijani Culture Minister’s lies

Armenian khachkars can be seen in any corner of the world where Armenians used to live. Azerbaijan is not an exception.

November 25, 2010
As a “worthy” representative of Azerbaijani leadership, Minister of Culture and Tourism Abulfas Garayev disseminated lies about the meetings of the Intergovernmental Committee for Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, in Nairobi Nov 15-19.

Armenia hosts the most delicious festival

The initiators of the barbecue fest promise a better organization next year.

September 22, 2010
The second barbecue festival was held in Akhtala, Lori region of Armenia, on Sunday, September 12. It was dated to two other events: re-consecration of Surb Mariam Astvatsatsin Church and inauguration of a monument to wedding rings.

Hollywood animators reveal secrets in Armenia

Young Armenian animators had a chance to gain experience from Walt Disney, Warner Brothers and DreamWorks professionals.

September 14, 2010
Did you know that the authors of Shrek, the beloved animated comedy, could not bind two plot lines for a long time, that the script was written for over 3 years and that the 90-minute film was created on the basis of thin book with uninteresting plot?

Desire to be an Armenian seized Gérard Depardieu in Yerevan

The renowned actor revealed something Armenian in himself and proposed to an Armenian beauty.

September 8, 2010
Desire to be an Armenian seized Gérard Depardieu in Yerevan
Thousands of fans could not believe the news that the legendary Gérard Depardieu will visit Yerevan unless they saw this man, great in all senses, on the Armenian land.

Stars of Armenian show business expected Sona Shahgeldyan’s to cause furore

Almost all representatives of Armenia were notable for their powerful vocal at New Wave contest in different years, but all of them lacked just a little to win it.

August 5, 2010
An Armenian singer won New Wave song contest for the first time in nine years of its existence. Armenia was represented by Sona Shahgeldyan this year, as she passed through a selection round in April 2010. People had been talking about wonderful vocal of Sona and her unusual timbre for a long time. However, almost all representatives of Armenia were notable for their powerful vocal at the contest. Jury was traditionally delighted with Armenian artists, but each time they lacked several or even one point to win the contest. This refers also to Razmik Amyan, who participated in the contest in 2006, when everyone was speaking with admiration about the singer’s unique voice, but a representative of the U.S. won the contest. Almost the same thing happened to Mher, who participated in New Wave in 2008. He received the People’s Choice Award, but has not won the contest.

Gerald Papasian: it took me 9 months to translate Anoush opera text

It’s hard to imagine Anoush in English; it was even harder to stage it on American scene.

July 27, 2010
The phrase “Armen Tigranian’s Anoush opera in English” may puzzle those who’ve ever seen it. However Gerald Papasian’s translation quite fit into the complicated music of Armen Tigranian. Michigan Opera Theatre was the first to feature English version of the opera in 1981.

Armenia, cradle of Indo-European civilization

Recent discoveries of Armenian archeologists could lead to rewriting history of the Ancient World in the near future.

July 13, 2010
Armenia, cradle of Indo-European civilization
In the study of ancient civilizations Armenia often remained on the sidelines, as if she had not been involved in major historical turnovers. The researchers’ interest was almost always confined to the territory of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. But, naturally the “factor” of Armenia could not be excluded in the formation of ancient civilizations. There is much evidence to prove it. Nevertheless, for one reason or another Armenia, yet, was left out from the list of possible leaders.

Golden Apricot passions flaring up

Review of June 22-27 cultural events.

June 27, 2010
Renowned Claudia Cardinale, who co-starred in Henri Verneuil’s Mayrig (Mother) film, will attend the opening ceremony of the festival. The actress will be awarded a silver copy of a thaler made by Sergei Parajanov during the years of his imprisonment.

Past week was an intrigue for cinema and music lovers

Review of cultural June 14-20 events.

June 21, 2010
Organizers of the 7th Golden Apricot Film Festival continue revealing secrets regarding the event. It became known that the opening and closing ceremonies will be conducted by Serge Avedikian, the winner of Palme d'Or. The festival will open with the screening of Henri Verneuil’s Mayrig (Mother) film by will open. This year, the program includes more films. The core of the festival will be German film director Eric Friedler’s Catastrophe documentary dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.