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Harutyun Khachatryan:

It's easy to shoot films about glossy life and eulogize it

PanARMENIAN.Net - Harutyun Khachatryan's Border documentary was first screened at International Film Festival Rotterdam late January. Besides, the Armenian director signed a memorandum on cooperation between Golden Apricot and Film Festival Rotterdam. Harutyun Khachatryan shares his impressions with PanARMENIAN.Net.
What border is your film about?

The film itself is a mixture of documentary and live-action movie. The scene is set at the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. We have resorted to symbolism: refugees, who abandoned their homes, dream of return.

The film is veridical. It's an attempt to show the reality and wish to get rid of borders - emotional, moral, psychological… This documentary is about the wish to get through these borders.

Everyone in Rotterdam understood us, although there was not a single dialogue in the film.

When is the premiere expected in Armenia?

The Armenian audience will see the film during Golden Globe festival. Before, it will be screened at 20 various festivals. We were invited to show Border in almost 30 countries but we rejected a number of invitations. I want to emphasize that the film should be presented gradually. All secrets can't be revealed immediately.

Are there cases when your works are not understood?

I often come across a problem - a wish to look refined. These people do not want to see the life of an Armenian living in hardships. All my films ban serve as a basis for sociological researches.

Some people say that my films disgrace Armenia but then call them poetic.

It's easy to shoot films about glossy life and eulogize it. But it's a minor part of real life, which is full of problems and dark colors.

Can you tell about the memorandum which was signed in Rotterdam?

Border is my fourth film screened at the festival, which propagates author's and cultural films. The memorandum we signed allows exchanging collections of films, present projects developed by young Armenian directors. By the way, more than ten films have been already financed thanks to the memorandum.

What can we expect from the 6th Golden Apricot?

This year the festival will open with screening of a film by renowned Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. Films shot by a number of well-known directors and master classes from Jerzy Skolimowski are expected. We are hopeful that Atom Egoyan will finish working at his new film by that time.

What do you think about engagement of cultural workers in politics?

A man of art can't do one job only. I think it's normal when a cultural worker wants to combat problems through public statements. However, I am not the man to do it. My camera is my weapon.
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