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Armenian writer, publicist Anahit Sahinyan dies at 93

Armenian writer, publicist Anahit Sahinyan died at 93.

As RA Culture Ministry and Armenian Writers Union reported, civil funeral rite for Anahit Sahinyan will be held on Jan 8. Admirers of her will be able to bid farewell to the departed at Writers Union on Jan. 9.

Anahit Sahinyan

Born in 1917, June 20, Vardablur village, Lori Marz, Anahit Sahinyan was a graduate of Yerevan Engineering Technical School and Yerevan State University, the department of Philology. In 1942-58 she worked in Armenian State Publicity (Haypethrat) as a head of Children Literature section. In 1969-87 she was the editor of \'Pioner Kanch\' magazine. She did numerous translations for children published in separate editions, wrote publicity articles on agenda matters in state literary press. Her works were translated into Russian.

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