Armenia and world:

Armenian-Turkish summit in Prague

"Cautious optimism", "window", "golden opportunity" and other similar euphemisms that were called to disguise what has long been clear are already a thing of the past; NKR will never be returned to Azerbaijan and Baku has to admit it.

May 6, 2009
The next meeting between the Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan at the summit of "Eastern Partnership" due in Prague will apparently not introduce a breakthrough in the regulation of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. By the way, we would not even discuss this issue as everything is clear as it is. But one circumstance made us do it, namely the absence of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue in the notorious Armenian-Turkish "road map", which no one has ever seen and which simply does not exist.

Armenia celebrates the Holy Resurrection

The symbols of Easter in the old days were straw dolls Grandma Utis, mistress of the Armenian cuisine, and Grandpa Paz, who held in hands exactly 40 threads, a stone being tied at the end of each one.

April 11, 2009
On April 11, the Armenian Apostolic Church (AAC) begins to celebrate the Easter, one of the six patronal festivals. From sunset till late night all the churches of the Armenian Apostolic Church serve Liturgy that marks the end of Lent and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The celebration of the dead and resurrected god dates back to the ancient Egyptian religion, when the Egyptians celebrated the death and resurrection of God Osiris. Present Christian Easter takes its origin from the Old Testament. The old Jews celebrated the Passover (Pesach) as the holiday of exodus of Jews from Egypt.

World financial crisis blighted the Armenian job market

According to analysts' assessments, demand for specialists in PR, marketing and graphic design will decrease dramatically.

February 23, 2009
The impact of the world financial crisis on the Armenian economy and social state of people has already become perceptible, especially in the population employment sector. The alarm has already sounded for a number of employment agencies: employers' offers are decreasing in ratio with the increasing labor supply.

In 2008 the major event in the region was the visit of Turkish President to Yerevan

Towards the end of the current year we all witnessed the unprecedented venture of Turkish intellectuals "Armenians, we apologize" which once again proved the reluctance of Turks to reconcile themselves to their own history, as well as showed the profound

December 25, 2008
The year of 2008 was also a time of reformatting the South Caucasus Region. After the «five-day» war of Georgia against South Ossetia it became clear that new division lines were to be outlined in the region. No doubt unwilling to do it himself, President of Georgia made a «regal» present to RF that had long been waiting for an opportunity to gain revenge against the USA for the too profound an interference it had in the solution of Caucasus problems. The result was a much more chaotic bedlam in which even the most «skillful» states were unable to "catch a fish".