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Collapse of Libya begins from struggle for oil regions

Collapse of Libya begins from struggle for oil regions

Colonel Gaddafi kept a firm hand on all the tribes, which are about 130 in number, and it was thanks to him that Libya endured to this day as a comprehensive whole.

There happened in Libya what was inevitable: the tribes began to divide the country into rich and poor. The example of oil monarchies of the Gulf is infectious; their flourishing arouses envy and resentment. Along with this there comes the idea “we want that too”. The desire to live well is, of course, appreciated. However, it’s one thing to desire, and another – to have a chance. Nevertheless, desire always prevails over chance, so the tribal leaders and militia commanders declared the oil-rich eastern part of Libya, namely Cyrenaica, a semi-autonomous state.

PanARMENIAN.Net - The head of transitional government called this unilateral decision a “dangerous” conspiracy of Arab States, trying to split the country six months after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi. At a conference held in Benghazi, the capital of the eastern part of the country, it was announced that the new state called “Barca” would have its own parliament, police, court, and capital - Benghazi. Foreign policy, national defense and control of oil resources remain the prerogative of the central government in Tripoli. Barca will occupy nearly half the country - from the Egyptian border in the east to the borders with Chad and Sudan in the south. 2000 delegates of the specially convened “Congress of the People of Cyrenaica” established the Supreme Transitional Council under the leadership of Sheikh Ahmed Zubair Al Senussi, a well-known dissident under the previous government, who is also a member of the ruling Transitional National Council, headquartered in Tripoli. Head of the National Transitional Council, i.e. the interim government, Mustafa Abdul Jalil said that such moves of the eastern tribes could lead to the split of Libya. However, he noted that this could be expected, since the population of the eastern part of the country played a decisive role in overthrowing the Gaddafi regime. “Some sister Arab nations are unfortunately supporting and financing this sedition that is happening in the east,” Abdel Jalil told reporters at a press conference in Tripoli, without giving names. “These sister nations unfortunately support this kind of unacceptable strife. What is happening today is the start of a conspiracy against Libya and the Libyans...” Jalil said.

Colonel Gaddafi kept a firm hand on all the tribes, which are about 130 in number, and it was thanks to him that Libya endured to this day as a comprehensive whole. Now Libya, and together with it also other countries that survived the “Arab Spring”, are steadily sliding down to a situation that was existent before the World War I, or rather to the beginning of operations by the British Intelligence, headed by Lawrence of Arabia, who with the help of gold and weapons united the Arab tribes into states, Iraq in particular. At the other end of the region, in Lebanon and Syria, similar tasks were undertaken by the French. Later, the states of Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya that had recently gained independence, fell under Soviet influence (with the exception of Lebanon). This little historical sketch was necessary in order to restate that the “evils” of Arab States had a long history. There played a role also the Islamic factor, which came out with dramatic force at the end of the past century. And now, under the guise of opposition in Libya, Bahrain, and Syria there fight the gunmen of “Al-Qaeda”, a fact already recognized by the U.S., so mindlessly supporting the coups in the Arab world, arguing that chaos is better than dictatorship. Only, now the form of dictatorship is changing - from secular to religious. Against this background, Gen. James Mattis, the Head of the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), whose area of responsibility includes the Middle East, declared at a committee hearing of the Senate Armed Services, that “physically on the battlefield”, President Bashar al-Assad “is clearly achieving what he wants to achieve.” According to world media, the Marine Corps General James Mattis warned that “The longer this goes on, the more potential there is for al-Qaeda and for basically a full-scale civil war.” Mattis confirmed that, according to data available to the U.S., the terrorist network was involved in organizing a number of recent bloody attacks in Syria. It is responsible for the “really big attacks using improvised explosive devices”, explained the Head of CENTCOM. One can only hope that the events in Syria will not follow the Libyan scenario.

One can certainly assume that all these events are related to Armenia as long as there is a large Armenian community in the Middle East. However, there is another factor, too – the geography. The Middle East is not on another planet, it is quite near. If Syria were “sorted out”, there would come Iran’s turn, which has a common border with Armenia. In the U.S. Greater Middle East map published 20 years ago, there were marked the countries, which according to the U.S. would lose their territories: they were Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Qatar, Kuwait, and Pakistan. Thus, Armenia would be sandwiched between free Kurdistan and Iran. So, the “Big Game” is still ahead.

Karine Ter-Sahakyan
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