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French Armenian helmer:

Artsakh movie seeks to make voiceless people of ‘ghost country’ heard

September 20, 2018
French Armenian helmer
French Armenian filmmaker Arnaud Khayadjanian won the AAFCCJ Award For The Best Diaspora Director in Armenian Panorama program of the 15th Golden Apricot Film Festival this summer. The director received the honor for his take on Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) with the movie “We Are Our Mountains”

Hayk Petrosyan:

How can business benefit from key account management?

August 15, 2018
Hayk Petrosyan
Key Account Management has become a common practice in many leading companies impacting their further development, including growth in revenues. According to some observations this domain has received little or no attention in Armenia. In our interview with Hayk Petrosyan, consultant at Ameria Management Advisory Services, we talked about the importance of Key Account Management (KAM), the extent to which it is practiced and developed in Armenia and a number of other issues.

Love for Armenian can’t be explained in words:

The Italian scholar who teaches old Armenian in Venice

February 20, 2018
Love for Armenian can’t be explained in words
As а native speaker of Armenian, it’s hard to imagine that people are capable of mastering your language so well as to perfectly speak, write and express themselves in Armenian. Conversing with Benedetta Contin, an Italian scholar who has put her heart and soul into learning the Armenian language, I was amazed at her ability to convey her thoughts in such a beautiful manner. Benedetta currently teaches old Armenian in Mekhitarist Congregation in Venice where Lord George Gordon Byron came in 1816 and immediately became fascinated by the beauty of the Armenian culture and language.

Yannis Simonides in Armenia:

A butterfly can make the world a better place

October 23, 2017
Yannis Simonides in Armenia
Actor and director born in Istanbul and raised in Athens, Yannis Simonides traipsed around the stage at the American University of Armenia barefoot, talking Socratic values, justice, love and human mortality.