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Construction works of the Yerevan City Hall new building, where the city history museum will also be situated, are finished. The building has five stories instead of the earlier planned 4 and its total area makes 13.5 thousand square meters. It is decorated with a tower of 47 meters in height. The edifice is based on the project of architect Jim Torosian, who is the author of famous Yerevan Cascade, and follows the Yerevan architecture traditions, taking into account the new reality. The museum of Yerevan history will at last find a shelter in the City Hall new building. It should be reminded that in the Soviet time the museum was in the building of the Yerevan mosque (the so-called Azure Mosque), however later - due to the reconstruction of the mosque and resumption of execution of its cult functions, the museum was left without "permanent residence permit." People, who come from Iran and Arabic countries: Persians, Azeris, Syrians and others, mainly visit the mosque.

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Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan said the contacts between Armenia and Azerbaijan have been informal.
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