PanARMENIAN.Net - «Turkey's stand in the Armenian issue represents intrigues of diplomats,» Murat Belge, Professor of Bilgi University, Turkey, stated in the course of the Ultimate Crime, Ultimate Challenge: Genocide and Human Rights conference today. «I have always said that the genocide is an unquestionable fact and the number of victims is has no importance at all,» he noted. In Belge's words, just his attitude towards the Armenian issue caused the pressure put on him. As noted by Belge, he has also published his statements over the Armenian Genocide in Turkish newspapers, however, he did not leave his contacts to avoid new rushes. Moreover, he noted that today there are people in Turkey who would like there were no Belge at all. In the professor's words, one of the factors why Turkey does not recognize the Armenian Genocide is the fear of territorial claims by Armenia. However, if Armenia states it will not demand return of territories, Turkey may acknowledge the genocide. At that Belge noted that the policy pursued by the Turkish Foreign Ministry should be changed. In his words, having met a Turkish foreign ministry official, who asked an advice of him to solve the Armenian issue, Belge answered: «You have muddled up everything so much, so pull through on your own.» On Turkey's accession to the EU Belge noted that all issues available today will be solved without fail, however there are questions that can be solved in 3 months, while others - in 3 years. «The EU is a structure, which provides for mitigation of the process of solution of disputable questions - not without the assistance of conflict specialists,» he emphasized. At that he noted that many countries that were speaking aloud about acknowledgement of the genocide merely used those slogans to attain their goals and speculated on these words.

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