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Expert says no fake candidates to run for president in Armenia

Expert says no fake candidates to run for president in Armenia

PanARMENIAN.Net - Head of Regional Studies Center (RSC), political expert Richard Giragosian has characterized the rivalry between the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) and Prosperous Armenia as vivid.

As he told a news conference, the rivalry will become more vivid after the nomination for president.

“The upcoming elections will be different from the past ones. With fake candidates nominated before, the 2013 race will have no nominees like Artashes Geghamyan,” the expert said, adding that Prosperous Armenia’s decision on presidency won’t affect the rivalry with RPA.

“There is no alterative candidate,” the expert said, deeming both the ruling party’s administrative resources and the absence of the alterative as the reasons behind the forecasted victory of the current president.

Mr. Giragosian further voiced skepticism over the possible cooperation between the Armenian National congress (ANC) and Prosperous Armenia.

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