HTC unveils Vive Pre, the latest version of Oculus Rift competitor

HTC unveils Vive Pre, the latest version of Oculus Rift competitor

PanARMENIAN.Net - HTC has revealed the latest developer model of its Vive virtual reality headset at CES 2016, and its competitors should be worried.

The Vive Pre has a more consumer-friendly design - it's sleeker, the head strap now obscures the wiring, and the sensors are less prominent.

A new front-facing camera will pick up objects in the real world, so you won't collide with anything when walking around with the device strapped on.

The Vive's controllers have also been given an ergonomic makeover and now come with circular heads, smoother edges and grip pads.

They've been kitted out with new rechargeable batteries that are said to last for over four hours off a single charge, while a "dual stage" trigger lets users interact with objects more smoothly.

The Vive is the result of a partnership between HTC and Valve, and the final version will be optimised to work with the latter's Steam gaming platform.

The Pre is merely the second-generation developer build of the Oculus Rift rival, but the consumer edition is not expected to be radically different when it launches around April.

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