You may be able to send and receive text messages on Chromebooks

You may be able to send and receive text messages on Chromebooks

PanARMENIAN.Net - The function of receiving and sending text messages on the Chromebook has now been discovered in the developer preview for Android 8.1, as spotted by ArsTechnica and 9to5Google.

Called SMS Connect, the feature allows users to send and receive text messages from their phone using the device's carrier number on the Chromebook, The Verge says.

Users will also be alerted to new text messages through notifications. The feature was discovered in an APK called "SMSConnectPrebuilt," which is launched through an activity browser where a setup screen for SMS Connect opens.

ArsTechnica tried setting up the feature, as the Chrome OS does have an option to turn on SMS Connect, but noted that it didn’t work yet. It instead appears to just be a placeholder function. There hasn't been any details on which and how many mobile devices the feature might work with. But ArsTechnica did also note that it will likely be a Pixel-exclusive feature, hinted in the beta version's code that references "PixelExperience."

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