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Iran says gas export to Georgia via Armenia still on agenda

Iran says gas export to Georgia via Armenia still on agenda

PanARMENIAN.Net - The contract for exporting Iranian gas to Georgia has not been ruled out yet and once the agreements are finalized, the Islamic Republic's private sector can deliver gas to Georgia through Armenian soil, IRNA reports citing a senior oil official.

Hamidreza Araqi, the deputy petroleum minister on gas affairs, said on Friday, January 5 that Iran's geographical situation enables the country to export gas to many countries, including Georgia.

Gas exports to Georgia require fulfillment of different conditions, including the consent of Armenia, the official said, adding that proper infrastructure and a reasonable price are also among other factors needed for this goal.

If Iran, Armenia and Georgia reach an agreement, the private sector has to buy gas from Iran and pay the swap cost to Iran and Armenia so that the gas can be exported to Georgia, Araqi said.

He said that the export of Iranian gas to Georgia through Armenia is still on the agenda and if it is economical for the private sector, Iran's gas exports to Georgia will become very probable.

During his visit to Armenia last year, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani cited the possibility of transferring gas to Europe through Georgia and Black Sea, urging the need for further cooperation between the two countries for meeting energy needs of the region.

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