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Armena looking to increase nuclear energy production by “at least 10%”

Armena looking to increase nuclear energy production by “at least 10%”

PanARMENIAN.Net - Armenia’s energy ministry has has set itself a task to increase the volume of domestically-produced electricity from renewable energy sources to at least 50%, reduce the amount of gas consumed for power generation at gas stations by at least 20% and expand the share of nuclear energy by at least 10%.

Energy minister Ashot Manukyan said at a meeting with prime minister Karen Karapetyan that the project is aimed at ensuring energy security for the country.

Weighing in on the 10% increase of nuclear energy production, Manukyan said the ministry will also work to bring the reliability of a power unit to the high level through modernization.

Earlier, Dirk Lorenz, Deputy Head of Division, Eastern Partnership Bilateral, EEAS, said that the nuclear power plant near the Armenian town of Metsamor must shut down as soon as possible.

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