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Aurora co-founders congratulate Armenia's Nikol Pashinyan

Aurora co-founders congratulate Armenia's Nikol Pashinyan

PanARMENIAN.Net - Co-founders of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative Ruben Vardanyan and Noubar Afeyan congratulated Nikol Pashinyan on his election to the position of Prime Minister of Armenia and "share the sense of urgency and determination demonstrated by the Armenian people throughout the process that culminated with this election."

Pashinyan secured a relevant number of votes necessary for getting the job after 59 Armenian lawmakers voted to grant him the PM’s powers.

Their message reads:

"Together with many Armenians within and outside Armenia, we stand ready to support and propel Armenia’s just and peaceful development. With this turning point, we have an opportunity to bring together the skills and enthusiasm of Armenians across the globe who are able to contribute to accelerating Armenia’s and Artsakh’s growth and prosperity.

"It was with this same intent that 17 years ago we began the Armenia 2020 initiative to rally global know-how and create scenarios through which Armenia could achieve a vibrant future. Since then, through our many joint socio-economic development initiatives - the National Competitiveness Foundation, the IDeA Foundation, the Tatev Gateway complex, UWC Dilijan, the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative, Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology – we are learning how to rebuild Armenia towards its historic greatness and beyond, one initiative at a time.

"Starting from day one, we accepted as the ultimate judges and beneficiaries of our efforts, above all else the children of the day. During the past week, we witnessed first-hand the hopes, ambitions and power of students and young professionals who were the very children we had set out to enable.

"Today, the young Republic of Armenia has new leadership, entrusted with the mandate of its citizens to build a healthy and prosperous country, rich with humanitarian values, and committed to justice, freedom and equal opportunity for all.

"In only two years we will reach 2020. And although the goals of an idealized Armenia cannot be reached in just two years, the research and resources that already exist and that are necessary for the planning process can be utilized to accelerate progress. The sectors we researched and planned for in 2003 -- Education, Agriculture, Health, Tourism, IT, Finance -- remain critical for Armenia’s development. In an evolving environment of rule of law and equal opportunity, these sectors are destined to become the avenues for greater Diaspora and international engagement and the productive vectors of Armenia’s and Artsakh’s growth and strength.

"Today, we remain steadfastly committed to enabling the future of all Armenians by supporting the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister in pursuing our common goals."

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