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Kim Kardashian accepts MTV Movie & TV Award on behalf of her family

Kim Kardashian accepts MTV Movie & TV Award on behalf of her family

PanARMENIAN.Net - Reality TV star Kim Kardashian accepted the 2018 Movie & TV Award for Best Reality Show for "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", Elite Daily reports.

The Armenian-American diva showed up for the big night alongside her motherKris Jenner

The MTV Movie & TV Awards celebrates the absolute best in entertainment. The show has been given an overhaul in recent years and now includes broader categories to cover the ever-growing scope of film and television. It even includes gender-neutral categories, so there’s a lot that goes into the show. And for the Kardashians, it’s a big night.

For the awards ceremony, the Kardashians were nominated for Best Reality Series.

When the winner was announced, both Kardashian and Jenner made their way up to the stage to accept the award on behalf of the whole family. Neither mom nor daughter had very much to say, but what they did have to offer was short and sweet!

Here's what Kim K had to say: "Wow, thank you so much. We’ve been on the air for 12 years almost now, so thank you to the fans that have been watching this long. And thank you to my family that keeps this all going."

Jenner, on the other hand, just gave a quick thanks to MTV, and that was that.

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