Syrian army kicks off east Sweida offensive against Islamic State

Syrian army kicks off east Sweida offensive against Islamic State

PanARMENIAN.Net - The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has officially begun their offensive in the eastern countryside of the Al-Sweida Governorate, a military source said according to Al-Masdar News on Monday, August 6 afternoon.

According to the military source, the Syrian Arab Army stormed the Islamic State pocket in eastern Sweida from three axes after the Russian Aerospace Forces hammered this area last night.

The source said that the Syrian Arab Army has already scored a major advance in eastern Al-Sweida, liberating several hilltops and points around the Maleh Rashidah, Kara’, and Dayatheh areas.

These aforementioned areas are the Islamic State’s last strongholds in eastern Al-Sweida; if they lose them, they will no longer be able to hold this vast desert region.

The first phase of the Syrian Arab Army’s offensive in eastern Al-Sweida will concentrate on capturing the hilltops around Kara’ and Dayatheh.

Once these hilltops are liberated, the Syrian Army will move in position to capture Kara’ and Dayatheh from the terrorist forces.

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