New Zealand visitors asked to help protect the environment

New Zealand visitors asked to help protect the environment

PanARMENIAN.Net - New Zealand is known for its strict environmental rules and regulations.

Already, people who travel to the country have to go through rigorous screening when they arrive to ensure they haven't brought in any outside plants or foods that might affect New Zealand's environment, CNN Travel says.

Now, visitors arriving in New Zealand are being asked to sign a document called the "Tiaki Promise", wherein they pledge to be good stewards of the environment during their trip.

"Tiaki" means "to guard" in the Māori language, and it informs the Māori principle of being responsible for caring for the land.

While some countries may present tourists with a list of specific guidelines to follow, the Tiaki Promise is more of a general request to think about the role humans play in the environment and how best to be respectful.

"The idea of tourism in New Zealand is bigger than the border process," Stephen England-Hall, CEO of Tourism New Zealand, explains.

He notes that the promise isn't a list of "do this" and "don't do that" guidelines that will remind you of a classroom chore chart -- rather, it's a way of putting people in a certain mindset when they arrive in the country.

Travelers can learn about the Tiaki Promise ahead of vacationing by going on Tourism New Zealand's website, checking out the dedicated Tiaki website and while traveling internationally on Air New Zealand, where a video about the mission will be shown on flights.

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