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Cher reportedly enjoys second viewing of “The Cher Show”

Cher reportedly enjoys second viewing of “The Cher Show”

PanARMENIAN.Net - Cher appeared more pleased at a second viewing of her Broadway musical “The Cher Show” on Tuesday, November 27, according to Page Six.

A spy said of the icon, “She walked in during the second act and stayed the entire act. She was clapping and enjoying it.”

The source added that “Eric McCormack was also there and the crowd went nuts — but when Cher walked in, he was invisible.”

We hear that a camera crew was also on the scene and got a few close-ups of Cher, a pop legend with Armenian roots.

Page Six previously reported that at an earlier preview of the show, Cher “became too emotional” and walked out of a performance at the Neil Simon Theatre.

Sources close to the star said that she was already upset that night, as wildfires laid waste to her hometown of Malibu, Calif., and threatened to engulf her own home.

A source added, “Her home was about to burn . . . and there she was witnessing the most difficult moments of her life being played out.”

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