Russia proposes building nuclear plant in Azerbaijan

Russia proposes building nuclear plant in Azerbaijan

PanARMENIAN.Net - The Russian nuclear corporation Rosatom has sent proposals on cooperation in the sphere of peaceful use of nuclear energy, including construction of a nuclear power plant (NPP), to the President of Azerbaijan, a source in the nuclear industry familiar with the course of talks told reporters on Wednesday, December 12, TASS says.

"Azerbaijan has the nuclear industry but it does not have operating NPP. Rosatom sent proposals; they are thinking. We suggested two ways. The first one is to start immediately. Even a site for the nuclear power plants was selected there in Soviet times; work on the site can be started," the source said.

The second option offered by Moscow contemplates gradual buildup of cooperation in the nuclear sphere. "It is possible to proceed without rush: to create a research nuclear reactor, build up certain power competencies, and train staff. To work for five-six years this way [before starting implementation of the NPP construction project]," the source said.

Russia and Azerbaijan have already held preliminary negotiations, the source noted. Rosatom prepared cooperation proposals according to their outcome and sent them to the President of Azerbaijan for review.

Baku will hardly use a loan from Russia for project implementation in case of agreeing with NPP construction proposal, the source said. "I think they will build using internal funds," he added.

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