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Sniffing chocolate could help you quit smoking

Sniffing chocolate could help you quit smoking

PanARMENIAN.Net - Scientists have discovered a brand new way to quit smoking for good, and many people are going to like it, Tahoo News reports.

Turns out that sniffing an aroma you enjoy, such as chocolate, vanilla or apple, could help you quit smoking for good, according to University of Pittsburgh scientists.

As part of their study, subjects were asked to first pick their favourite aroma (lemon and peppermint were offered in addition to the above).

They were then asked to light a cigarette and hold it in their hands without smoking it – likely torture for regular smokers.

Then, they put the cigarette out and sniffed a box that contained either the pleasurable scent, tobacco or no scent for a minute, before rating their cigarette craving score.

The average craving score just after lighting a cigarette as 82.13.

But, after sniffing the box, those who had smelt the pleasurable scent found their score dropped more (19.3) points compared to the tobacco sniffing group (11.7 points) and no scent groups (11.2 points).

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