Danish-language travel book on Georgia and Armenia is on its way

Danish-language travel book on Georgia and Armenia is on its way

PanARMENIAN.Net - Denmark's leading daily newspaper Politiken has produced a 144-page Danish-language travel book about Georgia and Armenia, Georgia Today reports.

The book provides plentiful insights into the history, geography, culture and traditions of the two countries and is intended primarily for those who plan to travel there.

The book also aims to draw attention of Danish citizens to Georgian and Armenian skyrocketing tourism opportunities.

"Politiken now features for the first time a solid guide book on Georgia and Armenia, available in the book stores from early March. The travel guide, written by Tom Trier and Søren E. Hansen, zooms in on the two small countries in the South Caucasus. With short but insightful introductions to society and culture, it provides a wealth of background and also practical information for the traveler and introduces the most important sights, including UNESCO world heritage churches and monasteries, spectacular mountain hiking routes and some of the best restaurants, eateries and wine yards the South Caucasus has to offer", reads a Facebook post by the Embassy of Georgia in Denmark.

A launch reception for presenting the travel book is scheduled for March 19 and is set to be hosted by the Georgian Embassy.

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