Foursquare makes changes to help protect the privacy of people’s homes

Foursquare makes changes to help protect the privacy of people’s homes

PanARMENIAN.Net - A lot of people love checking in to their homes on Foursquare. They want to be Mayor of their house, or they may want their friends to know they made it home safe after a night out, or they may be tracking the time they wake up every morning with a quick check-in. But in the case of checking in home users shows his address, Foursquare Official Blog said.

According to the post, to help protect the privacy of people’s homes, Foursquare made some new changes. Now only the person who created the ‘home’ and his friends can see the address on the venue page. And also on the venue page again only friends can see the map pin. Everyone else will see a map randomly centered somewhere near the address, with the zoom pulled out a bit. And if the user shared his “home” check in on Facebook or Twitter the same rules apply.

To help make sure everyone gets these benefits, Foursquare did a massive sweep of venue database and re-categorized a ton of venues as homes.

Also, the network added a new ‘Report a problem’ link, which allows users to tell that a place is their home.

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