Steve Wozniak: Whatever I do, I do with inspiration

Steve Wozniak: Whatever I do, I do with inspiration

PanARMENIAN.Net - At Nov. 9 meeting Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak briefed representatives of Armenian IT sector on his past accomplishments and story of founding Apple.

“I worked in HP Company, developed counters, later started studying their chips. I believed in great achievements in IT world. I had a goal to make computers accessible around the world. However, I lacked means to implement my ideas. With the help of a pencil and paper I designed chips. Every day I searched for recent inventions in IT world that later inspired myself to create chips that were in great demand,” Wozniak said.

Dwelling on Apple Production, he noted that it is very important for everybody to make their own contribution to the business started.

“Steve Jobs was not a technologist, however, he knew how to turn an engineering idea into money, I had special inspiration in doing everything. Later Jobs made my works suitable for use. All technologies are called to make our life easier and more interesting,” Wozniak said.

Wozniak later told about the first computers released by Apple, Apple andApple 2.

Steve Wozniak, invited to Armenia by Presidential Award organizing committee, will be receive IT Award by President Sargsyan for his enormous asset to IT development.

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