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Paid robot terminal designed at Hackathon[YAN] Yerevan-2011

Paid robot terminal designed at Hackathon[YAN] Yerevan-2011

PanARMENIAN.Net - Hackathon[YAN] Yerevan-2011 innovative competition has brought together 41 teams of programmers, designers and other professionals working on self-designed innovative projects round social and political issues.

Team X aims to design mobile iOS, Android և Windows Phone software, serving as Yerevan transport guide.

“If you want to go somewhere, just submit the address and you'll be provided information on busses and mini-busses passing this way,” participant Bagrat Baghramyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.

Meanwhile, Atlantis team was designing a project of a paid robot terminal speaking 137 languages. The latter accepts human voice commands memorizing people’s names. Payment of utilities is also available through the robot, thus serving as an information center.

Another team was developing a website through which Yerevan Municipality would be able monitor public places where it is banned to smoke.

“The site will comprise three sectors: for smokers, non-smokers and those willing to quit, providing information on public places where it is permitted or banned to smoke,” project coordinator Aram Tovasyan said.

Hackathon[YAN] Yerevan-2011 is sponsored by Yerevan municipality, Microsoft Corp., Armenian representative of Counterpart International, Enterprise Incubator Foundation, leading telecommunications, IT and media companies. Information sponsor is PanARMENIAN.Net

Money grants (AMD 1 mln, AMD 300 000) will be provided by Microsoft Innovation Center for the three best projects. AMD 500 000 will be allocated by Enterprise Incubator Foundation for best mobile solution nomination. AMD 350.000 and other prizes will be awarded for best social project nomination by Cronimet Charity Foundation and Alternative Resources in Media respectively.

Hackathon is a technical term deriving from the words “marathon” and “hacking”, the latter’s technical connotations implying improvement and better management.

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