Schiff, Manoukian honored by Armenian Bar Association

Schiff, Manoukian honored by Armenian Bar Association

PanARMENIAN.Net - Congressman Adam B. Schiff (D-CA) and Glendale City Council Member Rafi Manoukian were honored by the Armenian Bar Association for their principled and effective advocacy of critical causes to Armenian-Americans in California and across the United States, Asbarez reported.

The evening program was a showcase of appreciation for those who have demonstrated a proven track record in advancing the rights of the Armenian community on local and national levels.

Both Schiff and Manoukian were noted for their stellar support of issues of long-standing and current significance, beginning with the seminal priority of Genocide recognition and education, to overcoming recent legal challenges affecting the ability to pursue life insurers which have wrongfully denied the claims of the survivors and those of their families.

While the tone of the evening was about celebrating the successes that have been achieved through the exemplary work of Congressman Schiff and Council Member Manoukian, the recent decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Movsesian case, which frustrates the ability of Armenian-Americans from obtaining the return of insurance assets from the Armenian Genocide-era, was fresh on the minds of many attendees.

Edvin Minassian, the Chairman of the Armenian Bar Association, expressed sentiments of praise and urgency as part of his welcoming speech to the attendees. He stated, “We will look toward our national government . . . our representatives in Washington . . . to be more vigilant and more courageous when it comes to issues involving the Armenian Cause.”

He then spoke directly to Congressman Schiff as he avowed that the Armenian Bar Association, and Armenian-Americans across the country, would look to him to be the leader in the cause of justice related to the Genocide.

Garo Ghazarian, the Vice-Chairman of the Armenian Bar Association, Dean of Peoples College of Law, and a member of the Glendale Civil Service Commission, explained that the “facts of the events of the Armenian Genocide in 1915 have properly been declared by historians, journalists and indeed countless nations and the citizenry of conscientious countries in Europe and around the world.” However, rather than viewing the setback as the end of the fight to seek justice for those Armenians who were harmed in the Genocide, Ghazarian noted that the ruling of the 9th Circuit was an indication that more work is needed. “We are empowered by the problematic decision in the Movsesian case… we rededicate our efforts in light of the court’s unfortunate holding,” Ghazarian said.

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