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Armenia Cannot Be Serious Factor for EU Accepting or Not Accepting Turkey

PanARMENIAN.Net - Armenia and Armenians themselves cannot be a serious factor for EU accepting or not accepting Turkey, political science doctor, historian Armen Ayvazyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter. In his words, it is a problem of Europe, not the Armenians. «The Armenians are lately raffled off as small change for the sake of interests of European countries. Even the countries, whose parliaments recognized the Armenian Genocide do not observe norms according to the laws adopted. E.g. France, which recognized the Genocide in a special law. No conclusions are made out of it to apply to the current situation, the government, which committed the Genocide, is not indicated. Even largest information agency as Agence France Presse never utilizes the word «genocide». They write «massacre and slaughter,» the Armenian political scientist remarked.

«Turkey even today pursues a hostile policy regarding Armenia: the blockade, full support to Azerbaijan in all fields." Ayvazyan is convinced that one should leave euphoria from recognition of the Armenian Genocide by various countries. "I believe that one should deal with this issue more seriously and in a more balanced manner. The resources and actions of Armenia and the Armenians should be aimed, first of all, at improvement of the geopolitical situation of Armenia, rather than participation in the European games with Turkey at our expense», he said.
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