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Armenia does not want to make choice between Russia and NATO

PanARMENIAN.Net - Complementary is not the same thing as symmetry. Complementary means that different political spheres supplement each other, Armenian Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian stated at the interview to Austrian newspaper Der Standart. "In defense issues we cooperate with Russia, Russia has military bases here, simultaneously we've established wide and deep relations with NATO. We do not want to make a choice between these or those. This is our idea. Nobody must make us choose. It was during the Cold War, which remained in the past," the Armenian Foreign Minister said.

At the same time Vartan Oskanian noted the call for becoming an EU member-state cannot be an end in itself. "We must grow for that membership, mustn't we? Today we are interested not in membership, but in the process of membership. Let's first organize us, establish corresponding institutes, in order others would say "They are ready for entering the EU." We have a long way to go," he underscored.
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