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Kosovo verdict- new tool in struggle for recognition of NKR independence

Kosovo verdict- new tool in struggle for recognition of NKR independence

PanARMENIAN.Net - ARFD parliamentary group leader Vahan Hovhannesyan welcomes the resolution of International Court of Justice on Kosovo's independence, believing it to be a new tool in Armenia’s struggle for recognition of NKR independence.

Charactering world court resolution as a just verdict, ARFD parliamentary group leader pointed out, “Formation of a new state through secession from another does not run counter to international law.”

As he told a news conference in Yerevan, Armenia can’t follow the example by addressing to Hague court for the settlement of the issue. “Armenia has no right to address UN Court demanding to resolve Karabakh issue. Drawing an analogy between two cases, I’d say it’s Azerbaijan who has to apply to the court. Azerbaijan, however, will never undertake the step, envisaging a totally different resolution to Karabakh issue.” As he noted, Serbia addressed the International Court of Justice only after 60 countries worldwide recognized Kosovo’s independence.

“U.S. statement on the intention to continue with struggle for Kosovo independence regardless of International Court verdict arises concern, suggesting devaluation of world court rulings. The approach is incorrect. The law is either observed or it’s not. It cannot be applied in one case and disrespected in another,” Vahan Hovhannesyan emphasized.

On July 22, the International Court of Justice said that Kosovo's unilateral secession from Serbia in 2008 did not violate international law.

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