Politicians Hamper Establishment of Dialogue between Armenia and Turkey

PanARMENIAN.Net - Both sides speak of the Armenian Genocide, at that positions of the states are absolutely opposite. Each side produces figures, refutations or confirmations, Nursun Erel, a political observer of The New Anatolian told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter. In her words, Armenians and Turks should overcome all taboos and start open dialogue. "As you know, a conference on the Armenian Genocide, that was constantly postponed, was held in the Istanbul University. At last it took place. Documents referring to the rule of Young Turks were made public. I have read two absolutely different versions of the decree by Interior Minister Talaat pasha on the deportation of Armenians. One contains his telegram 'on deportation of all Armenians irrespective of gender and age", the other quotes an extract from his diary, where he writes he could not issue such an inhuman decree. Thereupon, all the documents should be made public," she said.

At the same time Ms Erel underscored that politicians hamper the establishment of dialogue between the two states. In her opinion, it's wrong to use a bypass route instead of the Kars-Gyumri highway. "We should communicate and maybe the relations between our states will improve," she emphasized.

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