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Most likely Israeli Knesset to discuss Genocide recognition issue Wednesday

PanARMENIAN.Net - On Wednesday "Meres" Israeli party is going to raise the issue to recognize the Armenian Genocide in the Knesset, "Hay Dat" Israeli office co-chairman Georgette Avagian stated to RFE RL. "Hopefully, if this time the resolution fails, next time the Knesset will certainly approve it," she stated. The Israeli Media has not reacted to it, since 6 members of "Meres" party are having tete-a-tete meetings with MPs and do not appear with public statements. Arab party deputies of Knesset refused to participate in voting of recognizing the Armenian Genocide, stating, "We understand you, but Turkey is a Muslim country." Israel-Turkey and Israel-Azerbaijan inter-parliamentarian groups of Knesset most likely will hamper the voting or will vote against the resolution. Also several Russian speaking parliamentarians have arrived in Israel from Baku, who often appear with anti-Armenian statements in Israeli Media. Last time attempts to put under vote the Armenian Genocide recognition issue in Knesset was made 5 years ago.
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