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Turkish army invaded Northern Iraq

PanARMENIAN.Net - The Turkish army invaded bordering regions of Nothern Iraq preparing a large scale operation against Kurdish gorillas, one of Iraqi internet web-sites close to Patriotic Union of Kurdistan reported on Thursday. "The Turkish army with large forces invaded Haftanin, Sineht and Pirbila districts in Northern Iraq, where armored equipment and "commandos" of Special Forces are stationed, Iraqi media reports. The Turkish general staff has not made any comments concerning this message, RIA "Novosti" reports.

Earlier in its parts Turkish media reported about transfer of a 20-thousand division to the border with Iraq. "Elements of Turkish armed forces created security zones along the border with Iraq in order to prevent penetration of terrorists of Workers' Party of Kurdistan (PKK), CNN-Turk reports citing military sources.

The longstanding conflict of Turkey with PKK, which aims at establishing the so-called independent Kurdistan on Turkish territory, resulted in deaths of more than 37 000 people. Turkish authorities refuse to carry on a dialogue with separatists and are going to forcefully put an end to PKK.
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