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CEC: Bako Sahakyan officially recognized as President of Nagorno Karabakh Republic

PanARMENIAN.Net - During its today's session the CEC of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic has summed up the final results of the presidential elections. The CEC members undersigned a decision, according to which Bako Sahakyan is elected as president with the overwhelming majority of votes.

The Central Electoral Commission has fixed that the total number of eligible citizens is 92 128 according to electoral lists. The CEC has distributed 93 219 bulletins to polling stations. The number of canceled bulletins is 21 934. The number of registered and received by voters bulletins is 71 289 according to signatures. And the number of invalid bulletins is 1 594. The number of votes for each candidate is the following: Armen Abgaryan -867, Vanya Avanesyan -212, Masis Mailyan -8 734, Hrant Melkumyan -564 and Bako Sahakyan -59 316. The number of "for" votes is 69 963, the number of valid bulletins is 69 693. Inaccuracy measure is 15, the NKR CEC Press Office reports.
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