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RA Prosecutor General petitioned President for Jahangiryan dismissal

PanARMENIAN.Net - Today the Office of Public Prosecutor spread a statement where Gagik Jahangiryan, the deputy chief prosecutor is accused of joining the opposition of the Republic. The statement mainly says: “The law on the Public Prosecutor of the RA prohibits prosecutors to be involved in politics. In the 7th article of the law it is defined that the prosecutor cannot be a member of any party or to be involved in politics in any way. In any case the prosecutor must show political restraint and neutrality. Gagik Jahangiryan, the deputy chief prosecutor has roughly violated the requirement of the law. In this connection the Chief Prosecutor has turned to Robet Qocharyan, the president of Armenia with petition to relieve Gagik Jahangiryan of his post of the deputy prosecutor and to exclude from the system of the Office of Public Prosecutor ”, -Sona Truzyan, press-secretary of the Office of Public Prosecutor of the RA informed PanARMENIAN.Net

It should be reminded that today Gagik Jahangiryan, speaking in public during the mass-meeting of the opposition in the center of Yerevan, announced about his joining the movement headed by Levon Ter-Petrosyan, the first president of Armenia. The deputy prosecutor also mentioned that “the elections held on the 19th of February were run with rough breaches, that so many beatings, falsifications, and throwing of so many ballots had never been before during any elections in Armenia” “I am making an appeal to all of you to stand up for your votes. It is high time to get involved in a struggle and to establish the supremacy of the law in this country”, - he announced.
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