Ter-Petrosyan: we open wide horizons for Armenia

PanARMENIAN.Net - Our movement is a bourgeois-democratic revolution aimed to free the society from the claws of feudalism, Armenia's first President Levon Ter-Petrosyan told a rally on February 27.

The purpose of the movement is to establish the rule of law and free economy, according to him.

"We open wide horizons for Armenia while the incumbent authorities lead the country to the Medieval age. Under the power our republic may soon be rated to Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iraq," he said.

"The oligarchs, who are forced to give bribes and pay to associated "family", will fell first victims to the current regime," he added.

Touching upon President Robert Kocharian's statement that the movement is illegal, Ter-Petrosyan said, "The President does not a moral right to speak of law-obedience, since he himself violates the law. The recent edict on discharge of diplomats and deprival of rank is illegal. It is the Foreign Minister who is entitled to dismiss diplomats. Furthermore, according to the Constitution, the President has no right to deprive a diplomat of his rank."

"All population strata understand the necessity of shift of power. Overwhelming majority of law enforcers and military took the opposition's side," he said, IA Regnum reports.
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