Misir Mardanov aware of danger weapons in schools may pose to young Azeri kamikazes

Misir Mardanov aware of danger weapons in schools may pose to young Azeri kamikazes

PanARMENIAN.Net - Azerbaijani Education Minister Misir Mardanov opposes distributing weapons to secondary schools.

"We observed the bitter results of this during the events (a grenade blasted in secondary school in 1999) in Sumgait," Mardanov told journalists on Wednesday, May 4. The military training subject is conducted theoretically in secondary schools, Mardanov said. There are a sufficient number of military schools and academies. So we can not transform secondary schools into the military," he said.

The ban on providing secondary schools with weapons prevents holding “high-quality lessons on basic military training” in Azerbaijan, Deputy Education Minister of Azerbaijan Elmar Gasimov said at a public debate on development of the State Program on Azerbaijani Youth in 2011-2015. "It is banned to provide schools with weapons for practice in accordance with the Defense Ministry's special order. The ban must be lifted. Schools must be provided with weapons," he said.

Earlier Baku took certain actions to train school students as snipers. Specifically, snipers’ courses were established under Azerbaijan’s Voluntary Military Patriotism Technical Sport Society. During these courses, the Azerbaijani youth will study technical indicators of snipers, hand-to-hand fighting. Sniper rifles and fitness machines have already been purchased from Russia for use in the courses.

Similar programs are in accordance with the continuous threats of the Azerbaijani leadership on war resumption in Karabakh and huge volume of arms purchased by that country. Probably, having conceived the fact that weapons themselves will bring no use, Baku decided to bring up a generation of young soldiers, exploiting the hatred towards Armenians instilled in these young people. The Azerbaijani children are destined to become cannon fodder, which can be used for a “great idea.”

However, the Education Minister is well aware of the threats of his subordinate’s initiative: the young kamikazes might annihilate each other from weapons distributed at schools, not even making it to a supposed war.

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