Cher: The show is going to be a little bit different
“Someone said ‘Do you have a five year plan for your career?’ I don’t have a five minute plan for my career,” she jokes.
Startup created by Armenian Americans is now a 1.7 bn business
The company, created by two Armenian Americans has confirmed that its valuation is now at $1.65 billion.
New Zealand visitors asked to help protect the environment
Visitors are being asked to sign a document. wherein they pledge to be good stewards of the environment during their trip.
Ancient city built by Trojan War prisoners unearthed in Greece
Archaeologists in Greece have located the remains of a lost city believed to have been settled by captives from the Trojan War.
New cancer drug boosts radiation therapy
About 60 percent of cancer patients benefit from radiation, which is used either on its own or together with chemotherapy.
Eleven parties and blocs will run in Armenia’s parliamentary elections
In particular, two blocs as well as nine parties will vie for seats in the Armenian National Assembly.
Nations League: Armenia will take on Gibraltar Nov 16
Armenia take on Gibraltar at the Victoria Stadium on Friday, November 16 in a match in the UEFA Nations League.
Artsakh names relations with France as foreign policy priority
Bako Sahakyan has said that the development of relations with France is one of the fundamental directions of Artsakh's foreign policy.
"Game of Thrones" Season 8 episodes will be longer than an hour
"Season 8 episodes will all, I think, be longer than 60 minutes," Nutter said. "They'll be dancing around the bigger numbers, I know that for sure."
Trump backs criminal justice reform bill
“We’re all better off when former inmates can re-enter society as law-abiding, productive citizens,” Trump said.
Henrikh Mkhitaryan among Europe's 100 top-performing stars: SkySport
"Mkhitaryan has been in and out of the Arsenal team since Unai Emery's appointment, but he has fared well statistically," the article says.
Iranian commander urges naval cooperation with Italy
In near future, an Iranian Navy fleet will be deployed to Italy to visit back the country, Iran's Navy Commander Rear Admiral Hossein Khanzadi said.
Czech Republic could restore Milan Kundera's citizenship
Andrej Babiš has offered to restore Kundera’s citizenship almost 40 years after the country’s communist regime stripped him of it.
Iranian scholar points to "illegality of U.S. sanctions" on food, drug
The President of Iran Academy of Medical Sciences in a letter warned against the illegality of U.S. sanctions on food and drugs.
Artsakh President in Paris with working visit
Artsakh President Bako Sahakyan is visiting Paris with a working visit, his office revealed on November 14.
Israeli Defense Minister resigns
Israel’s hawkish Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman announced his resignation from the government on November 14.
European countries to provide some €3 million for Armenia elections
The document about the launch of the program was signed on Wednesday, November 14 at the government building in Yerevan.
Smoking a joint could improve memory of Alzheimer sufferers: study
The “sticky plaques” which kill neurons and cause memory loss were reduced by a fifth in tests on mice with Alzheimer’s.
Sports-specific classification system will be developed for blind football
Stage one will involve consultation and surveys of athletes, coaches, and administrators from five-a-side football.
Palestinians celebrate 'victory' in Gaza after Israeli operation fails
Palestinian celebrators filled the streets of Gaza, after what they considered a tremendous win for Palestinian resistance.
Armenian village joins settlements using energy-saving technologies
In mid-summer, construction work was been launched in the village of Arpi and is set to be completed by year-end.
OSCE conducts regular monitoring of Artsakh contact line
The monitoring mission was accompanied by representatives of Artsakh's Foreign and Defense ministries.
"Game of Thrones" final season premiere confirmed for April 2019
HBO announced that the shouw will begin its final season in April 2019, teasing fans with a 30-second compilation of clips.
New Sarsang canal will be built in Karabakh with $100 mln investment
"As you remember, I said would be expecting some good news when traveling to European countries recently," Harutyunyan explained.
Serena Williams says proud of husband Alexis Ohanian
Williams said that she is proud of her husband Alexis Ohanian after the latter launched a Armenian brandy, Shakmat.
Disabled Armenian American artist writes a book using her eyes
At first, Yeretzian used the machine — which can read out typed words — to simply communicate basic needs.
New South Wales MP declares solidarity with Armenian-Australians
Secord has taken a keen interest in Armenian issues since the very beginning of his political career in Australia.
Serena Williams is GQ's "Woman" Of The Year
The issue had four covers. On hers, the word “Men” had been crossed out, with “Woman” scribbled above in quotation marks.
Iran conducts enrichment activities under JCPOA limitations: IAEA
Based on the latest report by the IAEA, Iran has conducted its enrichment activities in line with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action
Ameriabank named most active user on Thomson Reuters’ FXT platform
The ceremony was held in Yerevan during the presentation of Matching system by Thomson Reuters, the bank's press service revealed.
Pilots report seeing 'very fast' UFO above Ireland
The exchange began when one pilot asked Shannon air traffic control if there was nearby military activity.
Yerevan to house a 33,000 capacity National stadium
The FFA chief also said FIFA President Gianni Infantino has expressed an interest in joining the groundbreaking ceremony.
Syrian army attacks Idlib ahead of new offensive
The Syrian army launched a powerful attack against a group of militants that were positioned in Idlib.
U.S. will build airfield in Georgian military base
The United States will build an airfield in the territory of Vaziani Military Base of Georgia, local media reported.
New function of anti-aging molecule identified
A group of scientists decided to investigate why the choroid plexus contains so much more klotho than other brain regions.
Armenia to host Summit of Minds 2019
Once a year, the The Summit of Minds brings together 300 personalities and their partners in Chamonix for a three day conference.
Russian FSB suspects Azerbaijani journalist of espionage
The Russian FSB suspects that Namik Hasanov who works in Moscow, maintains contacts with foreign intelligence services.
Kurds resume push to rid Syria from Islamic State
The latest Kurdish push against the IS follows a lengthy and contentious stand-off with Turkish forces.
OSCE to conduct monitoring of Artsakh contact line on November 14
The Artsakh authorities have expressed readiness to assist in the process and ensure the security of the OSCE Mission members.
Armenian, Azeri Foreign Ministers could meet in early December
The 25th session of the OSCE Ministerial Council will be held in Milan December 6-7 with Zohrab Mnatsakanyan set to participate.
Armenia was the center of attention at Philoxenia international tourism fair
The country’s exhibition booth was replenished with flags, videos showing the country’s tourist highlights and products
Female Armenian soldiers joining Kosovo peacekeeping mission
Female soldiers from the Armenian peacekeeping troops will be sent on a mission to Kosovo, acting Defense Minister David Tonoyan said.
Oxford sleep expert says starting work, school before 10 am is "torture"
Dr. Kelley emphasizes on the need to change work and school starting times as per the natural circadian rhythms of adults and adolescents.
Legendary comic book writer Stan Lee dies aged 95
Lee's fame and influence as the face and figurehead of Marvel, even in his nonagenarian years, remained considerable.
Alexis Ohanian launches new Armenian brandy Shakmat
"There are only 2,400 bottles in the first run, so head over to to get them while you can," Ohanian said.
Chronic cannabis use could have serious effects on the brain
Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States, but little is known about its effect on health or how addictive it is.
Russian border troops “play an important role for Armenia’s security”
“I think the issue of security in new Armenia is no different from that of old Armenia,” Tonoyan told reporters.
First time in Armenia: VivaCell-MTS granted key ISO certificates
First time in Armenia, а business organization has issued an annual corporate responsibility report.
Syrian troops take new areas in country's south
The Syrian Arab Army was able to fracture the Islamic State’s lines at the northern and northwestern axes of the Al-Safa region
Iraqi president urges U.S. to grant Iran sanctions waiver
Baghdad has been in constant contact with Washington over anti-Iran sanctions which were put into effect as of November 5.