Erdoğan ally says next time Greeks "may have to swim until Sicily"
İsmet Büyükataman made the provocative remark on his Twitter account on Thursday, May 28.
Armenian Genocide documentary now streaming on Amazon Prime
The composition, "An Armenian Trilogy – Live in Yerevan", is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.
Georgia reports 11 new coronavirus cases in past 24 hours
The country has announced 757 Covid-19 cases, including 12 deaths, since the beginning of the outbreak.
Australian Senator backs Armenian Genocide recognition
Senator Larissa Waters of The Australian Greens has signed an Affirmation of Support.
Armenian citizens can travel to China visa free from June 1
After arriving in China, travelers will be told to self-quarantine at their own expense.
100 ceasefire violations by Azerbaijan registered in past week
The Karabakh troops continue controlling the situation on the contact line and protecting their positions.
Russia’s coronavirus infections near 400,000
The death toll rose by 181 to 4,555 in the past day, the anti-coronavirus crisis center said.
Google delays Android 11 Beta announcement amid U.S. unrest
Google says that it will “be back with more on Android 11, soon,” but did not say when that might be.
Pangolins may have incubated the novel coronavirus – study
Pangolins are sold as food in China and have been a prime suspect as a possible source of the pandemic.
Austria parliament ratifies Armenia-EU agreement
The deal provides a comprehensive framework for both sides to work for the benefit of the Armenian citizens.
Czech Republic lifts face mask rule as Covid-19 restrictions ease
The health minister, Adam Vojtěch, declared last week that “the Covid-19 crisis is behind us”.
Armenia coronavirus cases closing in on 9000
57081 tests have been performed since the beginning of the outbreak in the country.
Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day Concert Film to stream for free
Celebration Day was filmed at the legendary band’s one-off reunion show at The O2 in London in 2007.
Coronavirus: South Korea closes schools again after biggest spike in weeks
Thousands of students had returned to school as the country began easing virus restrictions.
George Floyd protests in chaos-hit Minneapolis: What you need to know
The U.S. has been convulsed by protests over the killing in Minneapolis of a 46-year-old black man.
Coronavirus: Georgia bans air conditioning in vehicles
Georgia reported eight new coronavirus infections, bringing the number of active cases to 158.
People in UK staying home despite easing restrictions: study
The study showed that one in seven adults surveyed did not leave their home once in the previous week.
Trump narrows protections for social media platforms
U.S. President Donald Trump has fired a shot across the bows of “big tech” companies.
Google's "Sodar" AR tool helps you social distance
The tool’s purpose is to give you a way to visualize how far six feet or two meters is supposed to be.
Armenia coronavirus cases spike after 460 single-day infections
56042 tests have been performed since the beginning of the outbreak in the country.
Chinese parliament approves plan to impose Hong Kong security law
The announcement of the result was met with sustained and loud applause by delegates.
Number of kids living in poor families could grow by 86m by year-end
Countries across Europe and Central Asia could see the most significant increase
Research says dogs capable of sniffing out coronavirus
Researchers said that have solid experience in training disease-related scent-detection dogs.
Perfectly preserved ancient Roman mosaic floor discovered in Italy
Pictures of the floor posted by the town's officials show its intricate patterns and colorful detail.
Possible meteor spotted in the sky above Armenia
Small meteors fall frequently, but as they plunge deeper, friction with the atmosphere causes them to ablate․
Daily deaths in U․S․ now 10% higher than in previous years
New York City experienced more than double the typical daily deaths every day since the end of March.
U․S․ Congress approves China sanctions over Uighur oppression
The new bill calls for sanctions against those responsible for the repression of Uighurs.
Armenia celebrates 102nd anniversary of the First Republic
On May 28, Armenia is celebrating the 102nd anniversary of the foundation of the First Republic of Armenia
Armenia reports record coronavirus deaths in a single day
54931 tests have been performed since the beginning of the outbreak in the country.
Evocabank unveils first cardless cash withdrawal in Armenia
Evocabank customers will be able to withdraw money without a card through the bank's ATMs.
First WHO/Europe virtual mission provides assistance to Armenia
Experts from WHO/Europe worked with Armenian health authorities on assessing the Covid-19 situation.
SpaceX set for historic launch of capsule carrying astronauts to ISS
The Crew Dragon capsule is due to lift off at 4:33 p.m. EDT on Wednesday (12:33 a.m. Thursday, in Armenia).
Brussels Airlines resuming flights to Yerevan from June 27
From June 27 to July 11, the Brussels Airlines planes will be flying once a week, every Saturday.
Armenian army vehicle caught fire as a result of Azerbaijan’s shooting
The spokesperson said the Armenian troops took retaliatory measures to silence the Azerbaijani forces.
U.S. accuses Russia of sending jets to Libya "mercenaries"
A UN report spoke of hundreds of mercenaries from the shadowy Wagner Group operating in Libya.
U.S. CDC: Antibody tests for Covid-19 are wrong half the time
Antibody tests, often called serologic tests, look for evidence of an immune response to infection.
Armenia: ECHR ruling raises Azerbaijan's policy of Armenophobia
The court found violations of 2nd (right to life) and 14th (non- discrimination) articles of the Convention.
HIV positive coronavirus patient recovers in 6 days
The patient told doctors that he was HIV positive and his Covid-19 test also came positive.
Armenia reports 372 new coronavirus cases, seven deaths
53678 tests have been performed since the beginning of the outbreak in the country.
JK Rowling's new children's book will be published free online
JK Rowling described "The Ickabog" as “a story about truth and the abuse of power”.
Azerbaijani FM's son bought 2 homes worth $4.2m in New York City
Emin Mammadyarov has acquired the two apartments in Trump Place, a Riverside South development.
Wuhan performed 6.5 million Covid-19 tests in 9 days
Wuhan's citywide testing drive came after six new cases emerged in a residential community earlier this month.
Nearly half of accounts tweeting about coronavirus are likely bots
It is too early to say conclusively which individuals or groups are behind the bot accounts.
Confirmed: SpaceX's first ever astronaut launch is a "go"
The only remaining major hurdle is the weather, which is only looking around 40% favorable for a launch attempt.
Coronavirus: 76 people self-quarantined in Karabakh
A total of 76 people have been told to self-quarantine in Karabakh, health authorities have said.
ECHR: Azerbaijan failed to enforce jail term for hate crime against Armenian
Armenian officer Gurgen Margaryan was murdered in February 2004 by Ramil Safarov.
WHO stops clinical test for malaria drug hydroxychloroquine
Hydroxychloroquine is a malaria drug US President Donald Trump said he was taking, in Covid-19 patients amid safety concerns
The Guardian. Relatives of Armenian axed to death by Azeri officer want justice
The Guardian has unveiled an article about the case of Gurgen Margaryan, who was murdered in February 2004.
Armenia coronavirus infections reach 7402
52554 tests have been performed since the beginning of the outbreak in the country.
Armenia: 250 Covid-19 patients in serious, 48 in critical condition
Health Minister Arsen Torosyan said 16 coronavirus patients are placed on ventilators in the country.