Bees living on Notre-Dame cathedral roof survive fire
High temperatures would have posed the biggest risk, but Géant explained that any smoke would have simply intoxicated them.
Moral decisions linked to brain activity: study
The findings revealed that "unique patterns" of brain activity underlie the inequity aversion and guilt aversion strategies.
Karabakh: 2200 shots fired by Azerbaijan in past week
The Karabakh frontline units continue controlling the situation on the contact line and protecting their positions.
Serj Tankian donates painting to raise money for Christchurch victims
Serj Tankian is donating a piece of art to help raise money for the Christchurch terror attack victims.
Turkey angry over Macron's meeting with Syrian Kurds
Ankara accused Macron of "attempting to give artificial legitimacy to a terrorist organization and its extensions."
Brain stimulation boosts long-term memory in older adults
After receiving stimulation, older adults with memory decline performed just as well on tests as younger adults.
Group, telephone, guided CBT treatment effective for depression
The researchers observed no significant difference in the effectiveness of individual, group, telephone, and guided self-help CBT.
Islamic State ambush kills over 15 Syrian soldiers
Over 15 Syrian Arab Army soldiers were killed in what is considered the deadliest attack of the month.
Montebello Genocide Monument freeway sign downed
Passersby reported about the sign directing drivers to the Montebello Armenian Genocide Martyrs Monument being downed.
Mental health support for girls affected by social media
New measures to tackle a reported rise in mental health problems among young girls linked to social media use have been announced.
Armenian Genocide torchlight procession slated for April 23
This annual procession is the symbolic part of the struggle for the global recognition of the mass killings.
"Game Of Thrones" season 8 premiere was pirated 55 million times
The biggest offenders are India, with 9.5 million instances, China with 5.2 million instances and the US with 4 million.
Turkey says "taking into account" NATO concerns over S-400
The two NATO allies have argued for months over Turkey's order for the advanced S-400 missile defence batteries
Armenian PM, Russian President meeting in Kazakhstan on May 29
"The political interaction between Russia and Armenia proceeds very constructively, dynamically," Matvienko said.
Armenia's Levon Aronian gears up for Grenke Chess Classic
The elite players of the chess world have moved to the German cities of Karlsruhe and Baden Baden for the Grenke Chess Classic.
Venezuela inflation projected to reach 8 million percent in 2019
Inflation that’s set to reach 8 million percent has left Venezuela saddled with the title of the world’s most miserable economy.
Vatican displays Holy Stairs for first time in 300 years
"The Gospel of John recounts that Jesus went up these stairs several times," said Father Francesco Guerra.
Kim Kardashian offered job at law firm if she passes bar exam
Lawyer Robert Shapiro has said that once she passes the bar she will 'always have a job at my law firm'.
Vitamin D may help fight colorectal cancer in combination with chemo
High doses of vitamin D may help hinder the growth of advanced colorectal cancer in combination with chemotherapy.
Abuse-of-power charges brought against top Armenian official
The Head of State Supervision Service has been charged with abusing power for the benefit of personal or group interests.
VivaCell-MTS service centers, Call Center will work on Good Friday
VivaCell-MTS has announced that its service centers as well as the Call Center will work on Good Friday.
Journalist killed in Northern Ireland "terrorist incident"
A journalist has been shot dead during violence in Londonderry that police are treating as a "terrorist incident".
Pashinyan: Promotion of ties with U.S. a priority for Armenia
Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has said Armenia prioritizes the promotion of relations with the United States.
IDF vows to destroy Syrian S-300 systems if used against Israeli jets
The IDF commander said if Hezbollah launched any cross-border attacks in Israel that his forces would make Lebanon pay dearly.
Arsenal's fans not happy with Mkhitaryan's display against Napoli
Arsenal fans have taken to Twitter to give their reaction to the performance of Henrikh Mkhitaryan against Napoli.
Congress Turkey Caucus co-chair honors Armenian Genocide victims
The lawmakers laid flowers at the eternal fire to pay tribute to the memory of 1.5 million victims of the Armenian Genocide.
Chinese radar in Syria reportedly restored after Israeli attack
The ISI satellite images showed the deployment of the Russian Iskander (SS-26) missile system to the Hmeimim Airbase
VivaCell-MTS unveils cost-efficient services through Cloud PBX solution
Access to cloud PBX is being provided through Data and Internet channels (IP network) from anywhere inside Republic of Armenia.
French lawmaker receives death threats over Armenian Genocide
The situation slipped when the president of the Turkish Parliament and the Turkish Foreign Minister attacked France for Rwanda.
New study links hearing loss to higher depression risk
Researchers analyzed data from 35 previous studies with a total of 147,148 participants who were at least 60 years old.
Some brain functions may be restored after death
The researchers did not restore any electrical brain activity, nor did they find any evidence of awareness or perception.
Eight Armenian businessman make it to Forbes Russia rich list
Forbes has published its annual ranking of Russia's richest businessmen, which includes 8 entrepreneurs of Armenian origin.
France to design a new spire for Notre-Dame Cathedral
France is planning an architectural competition to design a replacement spire for Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.
Turkey must apologize to Armenians for Genocide: Iraq’s religious leader
In discussing the Armenian Genocide issue, Al-Nasri strongly condemned “the inhuman crime committed in the Ottoman Empire.”
Giant prehistoric lion fossil discovered hiding in museum drawer
A carnivore paleontologist opened a drawer of Ice Age specimens and noticed a row of huge teeth staring back at him.
Gene-editing used to treat cancer patients for the first time
The research involves genetically altering a person’s T cells so that they attack and destroy cancer.
Man took gasoline into St Patrick's Cathedral in New York
A man has been arrested after entering St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York carrying two cans of gasoline.
Members of U.S. Congress visit Armenian Genocide memorial
The lawmakers laid flowers at the eternal fire to pay tribute to the memory of 1.5 million victims of the Genocide.
U.S. offers to host next Armenia-Azerbaijan meeting: Mammadyarov
The United States has offered to hold the next meeting of Armenian and Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers in D.C.
Harvard study reveals 5 habits that may prolong your life by 10 years
Americans have a much shorter life expectancy compared to almost all other high-income countries, a study says.
George Lucas helped direct "Game of Thrones" season 8 premiere
Lucas was hanging out on the "Game of Thrones" set while director David Nutter was directing the season 8 premiere.
Armenia improves press freedom rank by 19 notches: RSF
The “velvet revolution” has loosened the government’s grip on TV channels, the report by RSF says.
Massachusetts State House honors Armenian Genocide survivors
Martyrs and survivors of the Armenian Genocide were honored under the golden dome of the Massachusetts State House.
Paper reading more effective than screen reading: study
Virginia Clinton found what she called a “small but significant” difference in reading text from screen versus paper.
Ameriabank inaugurates new branch in Abovyan
The new branch is the seventh outside Yerevan, the capital, and is set to work Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 5:00pm.
UCLA inaugurates Robert Kardashian health center
Kim Kardashian West attended the grand opening of UCLA's Robert G. Kardashian Center for Esophageal Health.
Oxytocin blocks excess drinking in alcohol-dependent rats: report
The neuropeptide oxytocin blocks enhanced drinking in alcohol-dependent rats, according to a new study.
Italy’s Chamber of Deputies hosts Armenian Genocide conference
Italy’s Chamber of Deputies hosted a conference on the Armenian Genocide on Tuesday, April 16.
Sniffing chocolate could help you quit smoking
Scientists have discovered a brand new way to quit smoking for good, andmeny people are going to like it.
Even moderate intake of red meat raises cancer risk: study
A cooked breakfast with two “typical British” sausages and two rashers of bacon would clock up 130g, the NHS advises.