16th Golden Apricot International Film Festival wraps in Yerevan
The 16th Golden Apricot International Film Festival wrapped in Yerevan on July 13 as a closing ceremony took place at Moscow Cinema.
Egypt opening Bent Pyramid to tourists
Minister of Antiquities Khaled al Anani led a party of foreign ambassadors to the Dahshur Necropolis to inaugurate the pyramid.
Longitudinal decline in aging-related brain network integrity revealed
The researchers aim to next examine how various factors might influence aging-related changes in brain networks.
Armenia ranked world's sixth per-capita producer of waste
Armenia is the sixth country in the world in terms of the waste perduced in the country per capita.
Alan Turing to feature on new £50 note
Turing is the scientist famous for helping to crack the wartime Enigma code and pioneering the modern computer.
Ambassador: Russia respects events underway in Armenia
The ambassador said Russia is ready to develop cooperation between the two countries in different directions.
Ryanair, WizzAir “ready to fly to Armenia if departure tax is dropped”
“High costs in Armenia are among the obstacles to starting a cooperation with new carriers,” Revazian said.
3-drug combo may offer alternative to chemo for bowel cancer patients
The outlook for people with standard bowel cancer and those with an advanced form of the disease can differ greatly.
Paris protesters, police clash around after Bastille Day parade
Macron sought to showcase European military cooperation in the parade, hosting key EU leaders including Angela Merkel.
New York building big wall to protect Staten Island
By 2025, New York's Staten Island will be fortified by a towering seawall running 5.3 miles along the coast.
Deputy Armenian PM traveling to New York for UN Political Forum
Tigran Avinyan will travel to the U.S. from July 15 to 20, his spokesman Vahan Hunanyan revealed in a Facebook post.
Armenian PM congratulates France on National Day
PM Nikol Pashinyan congratulated President Emmanuel Macron of France on the occasion of the National Day of France.
Iranian military aircraft spotted at Hama Airbase in Syria
A new satellite image from northern Syria showed an Iranian military aircraft deployed at the strategic Hama Airbase.
Overthinking can affect mental and physical health
Overthinking is not in itself a medical term, but research shows the habit can have real impacts on our well-being.
Living in view of park "reduces for chocolate, alcohol cravings"
Living somewhere with a view of a park or garden could reduce your cravings for chocolate, cigarettes or alcohol.
90 ceasefire violations by Azerbaijan registered in past week
The Karabakh soldiers remained committed to the ceasefire to continue controlling the situation on the contact line.
Congresswoman wants $4 mln to help maintain peace in Karabakh
Congresswoman Judy Chu has said that the United States must lead the efforts to maintain peace in Nagorno Karabakh.
UAE's Masdar pursuing renewable energy opportunities in Armenia
Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, CEO of Masdar, and David Papazian, CEO of ANIF, signed a memorandum of understanding.
Police probing RPG attack on Kiev office of TV Channel 112
A spokesman for Ukraine's Interior Ministry said police had no suspects but were actively investigating the case.
Premature birth impacts a baby's love life in adulthood: study
A study out of the University of Warwick in England is drawing conclusions about how gestation period impacts love life.
Johnson & Johnson under criminal investigation amid talk cancer dispute
The probe coincides with civil claims by thousands of cancer patients that J&J’s Baby Powder talc was responsible for their illness.
Daron Acemoglu named MIT Institute Professor
His far-ranging research agenda has produced influential studies about government, innovation, labor, and globalization.
Explosions rock southwest Latakia as militants attack Russian airbase
According to a military source near the Hmeimim Airbase, the militants used attack drones to bomb the military installation.
Fruit juice linked to cancer risks in new study
People who consume a lot of sugary drinks like lemonade and energy drinks have a higher risk of developing cancer
Putin "wants to continue ruling Russia by locking in parliament control"
The mixed voting system in 2016 enabled United Russia to secure a three-quarters majority with only 54% of the vote.
Child suicide-bomb attack in Afghanistan kills five, injures 40
The bomber targeted a tribal elder and a local police chief at a wedding in Nagarhar province, a spokesman said.
Exercise could improve the brain function of overweight people
Previous studies had shown that obese and overweight individuals are likely to have insulin resistance in their brains
Lydian Armenia dispute "damaging to both company and the country"
"We believe in the rule of law, fair treatment of all businesses, in professionalism and integrity," said the ABBC.
Putin, Zelensky hold their first phone call
Zelensky's office said the release of 24 Ukrainian sailors held by Russia since November was a "key question" during the call.
Armenia looks to secure "strong grassroots future" in football
The Armenia Federation is eager to ensure that qualification for UEFA competitions becomes a regular occurrence.
Tourists can now buy alcohol in Dubai
Tourists can buy liquor at any of the 17 designated outlets of MMI which is authorised to be a retailer of alcohol.
Coordinated work brings more decent living conditions to rural Armenia
VivaCell-MTS and the Fuller Center have been implementing a housing project demonstrating a responsible approach.
Russian S-400 missile system equipment arrives in Turkey
The first shipment of the Russian-made S-400 air defense missile system has arrived at the Murted Air Base in Ankara.
Researchers use AI to detect depression in voices
The study used previous research that suggests the timbre of a person’s voice contains information about their mood.
U19 ambassador Mkhitaryan's Armenian pride: UEFA.com
In Armenia, he said, everyone loves football and that "think people are very happy to host this competition.
Congress OKs stronger security measures in support of Artsakh
The Armenian Assembly congratulates Reps. Chu and Sherman for their successful initiatives, said Mariam Khaloyan.
Ameriabank receives Euromoney award as Armenia's best bank
The award is a recognition of its leadership in the market, sustainable growth and push for digital transformation.
New House amendment blocks Azerbaijan's attack capability
The amendment, offered to Fiscal Year 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, was cosponsored by Pallone, Speier and Schiff.
Syrian army reverses militant gains in Hama
The recapture of Hamamiyat was an imperative task as the town is located just east of Kernaz and Al-Sqaylabiyeh.
London's climate will be as warm as Barcelona's by 2050: study
London could be facing severe drought, as Barcelona did in 2008, when it nearly ran out of drinking water and reservoirs ran close to dry.
Saudi women may no longer need permission of men to travel
Saudi Arabia is reportedly ending laws which require women to get permission from a man before leaving the country.
Armenia refutes Azerbaijani reports border village shooting
The Defense Ministry Azerbaijani disinformation alleging that the Armenian troops have opened fire towards Alıbəyli.
Armenia, China abolishing visas
The government approved a draft law on an agreement signed on May 26, 2019 to abolish visas between Armenia and China.
EU threatens to impose sanctions against Turkey over Cyprus drilling
The EU "would be ready to introduce more restrictive measures against Turkey should Ankara continue drilling."
No Armenians among Halkidiki storm casualties
No Armenian nationals or citizens were among the casualties of a violent storm that swept across Halkidiki.
Azerbaijan fails to take OSCE Mission members to frontline posts
The OSCE Mission conducted a planned monitoring of the ceasefire on the on the border of Artsakh and Azerbaijan.
Problematic smartphone use linked to poor academic grades: study
The study looked at 3,425 students who were asked to complete a survey to assess their mental health and well-being.
Armenia pensions will increase by 10% from 2020
Beginning from January 1, 2020, pensions in Armenia will increase by 10%, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Zaruhi Batoyan said
Choco Fest targeting Armenia's sweet-toothed on July 11
Yerevan will host the annual Choco Fest on July 11, organized by The LOFT self-developmental center for the sweet-toothed.
Going teetotal improves women’s mental health: report
“Our findings suggest caution in recommendations that moderate drinking could improve health-related quality of life,” says Herbert Pang.