Kosovo lawmakers vote to dissolve parliament
Polls show that no party will gain enough support to form a government on its own, and lengthy coalition talks are expected.
Lydian provides update on Armenian government review of report
Sellers “The SIC Report substantiated that the recommendations contained in the Audit Report had already been addressed."
Volunteering to provide people with safe housing underway in villages
VivaCell-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia have been partnering in the field of housing for many years.
UK's Channel 4 will produce documentary series on Putin
"To understand what is happening in the world right now, it is necessary to understand Vladimir Putin," a press release said.
Jamiroquai giving a concert in Armenia on November 6
Jamiroquai will give a concert in Yerevan on November 6 within the Silk Note Festival, a Facebook event reveals.
Armenia: Soldier’s detention in Azerbaijan remains concerning
The matter of the soldier who crossed the border to Azerbaijan remains concerning, the Foreign Minister said.
College educated women drink more alcohol: research
The research finds variations in the amount and frequency women drink based on age, race, education, marital status.
Genetic tests for depression treatment aren't effective: experts
Dozens of companies invite customers to swab their cheeks, spit into a tube, and find out which antidepressant is right for them.
Russia "shouldn't be back in G8 unless Crimea is returned to Ukraine"
Since March 2014, after the suspension of Russia's participation in the G8, nothing has changed," said Zelensky.
Microplastics in drinking water " don't pose health risk" - WHO
"We urgently need to know more about the health impact of microplastics because they are everywhere," said Dr. Maria Neira.
Aronian draws Sinquefield Cup R5 against Mamedyarov
Aronian has so far collected 2.0 points and comes at the bottom end of standings alongside Hikaru Nakamura and Anish Giri.
Cannabis chemical may play a role in pancreatic cancer treatment
A cannabis chemical may have a “major impact” in the treatment of pancreatic cancer, according to a new study.
Trump "seriously" considering ending birthright citizenship
President Donald Trump has said that he is "seriously" considering ending U.S. birthright citizenship.
Syrian army encircles militants, Turkish Army in southern Idlib
The Syrian army forces at the Khan Sheikhoun front has met up with the troops near the town of Al-Ta’manah.
It takes years for heart to recover from smoking
When you stop smoking, your heart starts to rebound right away, but a recovery can take as long as 15 years, a new study says.
Underage teens most likely to drink with their parents: research
Children and teenagers are most likely to drink alcohol underage with their parents, according to new data from NHS Digital.
Ryanair announces intention to fly to Armenia
Nikol Pashinyan hosted the Ryanair Chief Commercial Officer David O’Brien and Route Development Director Kate Sherry.
Aras Özbiliz terminates contract with Istanbul's Besiktas
Midfielder of the Armenian national team Aras Özbiliz has terminated his contract with Istanbul's Beşiktaş.
New study links air pollution to bipolar disorder and depression
Studies in London, China, and South Korea have similarly found a link between polluted places and poor mental health.
OSCE Mission conducts monitoring on Artsakh-Azerbaijan border
From the Artsakh side, the monitoring mission was accompanied by representatives of the Foreign and Defense Ministries.
Britain to skip most EU meetings from September
Officials would be told to refocus on preparations for leaving the EU and on trade deals with other countries.
Ryanair will start flying to Georgia
An agreement has been signed between the Georgian Airports Association and the Irish low-cost carrier Ryanair.
Cancer more common in females with severe sleep apnea: study
New research reveals that rates of cancer are higher among females with pronounced symptoms of apnea.
Serbia set to sign a free-trade pact with EAEU in October: Russian envoy
“This is a significant event. The media are paying due attention to it,” Botsan-Kharchenko said in a tweet on August 20.
Susanna Fogel to direct "The Flight Attendant" TV adaptation
Susanna Fogel is set to direct and executive produce the first two episodes of thriller drama series "The Flight Attendant".
"Matrix 4" officially a go with Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss
Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures will produce and globally distribute the film.
Sony won't be working with Disney on future Spider-Man films
Actor Tom Holland might not return for new Marvel movies, because a fresh deal can't be reached over the character.
Sinquefield Cup R4: Levon Aronian comes at bottom end
Armenian grandmaster Levon Aronian lost the fourth round of the Sinquefield Cup to Fabiano Caruana (U.S.).
Artsakh President meets OSCE envoy in Stepanakert
The meeting addressed a range of issues on the situation along the contact line between Artsakh and Azerbaijan.
Pentagon tests new missile system
The test marks a new era for the U.S. military in the wake of the Aug. 2 collapse of the INF Treaty.
Half a billion bees dropped dead in Brazil within 3 months
More than half a billion bees dropped dead in Brazil within just three months, according to Bloomberg.
U.S. warns Greece against helping Iranian tanker
Tehran said any move by the United States to seize the vessel again would have "heavy consequences".
Study urges lower fluoride consumption by pregnant women
Women who drink fluoridated water during pregnancy "may trim the IQs of their male children by a few points."
Alexis Ohanian welcomes Dwayne Johnson to Armenian "clan"
Ohanian welcomed "The Rock" to what he described as the Armenian "clan" after the actor married Lauren Hashian.
ICRC representatives visit detained Armenian soldier in Azerbaijan
"I hope the protection of the rights of our serviceman will thus be guaranteed in Azerbaijan," Beglaryan said.
Armenian President meets Manchester City chairman in UK
Mubarak briefed Sarkissian on the activity of the City Football Group whose flagship club is Manchester City.
Study unveils potential new treatment approach for lung cancer
There will be 228,000 new lung cancer cases this year, and 30% of them will have mutations in the KRAS pathway.
OSCE to conduct Artsakh contact line monitoring on Aug 21
The Artsakh authorities have expressed their readiness to assist the mission in conducting the monitoring.
China could overwhelm U.S. military in Asia in hours, report says
Missiles from China's rapidly improving military could overwhelm its bases in hours, a report says.
“Forget-me-not” tower will be built in Yerevan
A 270-meter skyscraper dubbed “Forget-me-not” will be built in the Armenian capital city of Yerevan.
Militants reportedly withdrawing from Khan Sheikhounin Hama
According to the source, the militants have begun withdrawing from Khan Sheikhoun, Al-Latamnah, Kafr Zita, Morek, Latmeen.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson marries Lauren Hashian
"The Rock" announced that he has married longtime love Lauren Hashian, a singer-songwriter of Armenian descent.
Improvement of positions “a constant process” in Armenian army
Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan has said that the improvement of positions is constant process.
UK steps up fight against misinformation about vaccines
The United Kingdom says it is going to take steps to halt the spread of misinformation about vaccines.
Elvis Presley spy animated series coming to Netflix
Presley trades in his white jumpsuit for a jet pack when he is covertly inducted into a secret government spy program.
Merkel says Germany prepared for any Brexit outcome
“We are glad of every visit, and you have to talk, and you have to find good solutions,” Merkel said.cussion
Protein governing platinum-resistant ovarian cancer identified
Platinum-based chemotherapy drugs are among the strongest and most widely used against cancer.
Iran warns U.S. against seizing Grace 1 oil tanker
Iran has warned the U.S. against seizing the tanker in open seas after after its release from Gibraltar.
Armenia named most popular country among Russian travelers
This is the second summer in a row that the country is the most visited destination by Russian travelers.
How social media affects girls' mental health: study
Researchers tracked 10,000 teens for two years: The participants were 13-14 years old when the study began in 2013.