Armenia and region: Coronavirus updates from April 7
The coronavirus has been rapidly spreading worldwide, including in Armenia and the neighboring countries.
April's "pink moon" will be the biggest supermoon of 2020
April's full moon, also known as the pink moon, happens to be the closest of the year.
Russian-Armenian physicist dies from Covid-19 complications
Celebrated Russian physicist of Armenian descent Mishik Kazaryan was married to epidemiologist Arpik Asratyan.
WhatsApp to limit message forwards to fight spread of misinformation
A spokesperson said WhatsApp will roll out this change to users worldwide on April 6.
Great Barrier Reef suffers worst mass bleaching event on record
Scientists say the rapid warming of the planet due to emissions of heat-trapping gases are to blame.
Artsakh reports first coronavirus case
Artsakh reported the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in a citizen returning from Armenia.
Aurora donates $120,000 to Armenia's Covid-19 efforts
The #AraratChallenge movement has made a $120,000 donation to the Ministry of Health.
Disney releasing series of new Frozen shorts starring Olaf
Disney animator Hyrum Osmond and actor Josh Gad have teamed up to produce the new series.
Japan declares state of emergency amid virus outbreak
Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said օն April 6 that there would be no European-style lockdowns.
France records highest daily Covid-19 death toll of 833
The total number of people who have died after testing positive for Covid-19 now stands at 8,911․
Facebook unveils new maps to help researchers track, combat Covid-19
Facebook says researchers and nonprofits are already using the tech giant's maps on population movement.
Armenia coronavirus cases climb by 20 to top 850
The Prime Minister said 25 more patients have recovered and been discharged from hospitals.
China reports zero coronavirus daily deaths for first time
For the first time since China began publishing its figures in January, there were no new deaths reported.
Boris Johnson moved to intensive care unit
The decision was made by his medical team after his condition worsened over the course of April 6.
Bill Gates to simultaneously fund seven Covid-19 vaccines
The Microsoft co-founder revealed his intention while appearing on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
Sweden expected to depart from soft approach in Covid-19 fight
On April 5, Sweden reported a total of 401 deaths so far from Covid-19, up 8% from April 4.
Three Iranian centenarians recover from coronavirus
A coronavirus patient, 106 years of age, in the city of Qom recovered after 14 days and was discharged.
Armenia ex-President invited to parliament for April War hearings
Former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan has been invited to special hearings, his office said.
Armenia: Six police officers confirmed with coronavirus
Deputy police chief Hayk Mhryan revealed that 16 law enforcement officers have been isolated so far.
Health Minister: 17% of Armenia coronavirus cases have pneumonia
Health Minister Arsen Torosyan said more than 400 people are currently quarantined in the country.
Suspicious Facebook accounts spread Covid-19 disinfo in Armenian: DFRLab
Amid tensions with Azerbaijan, accounts spread false claim about an Armenian military unit and coronavirus.
104-year-old Italian woman defeats coronavirus
Ada fell ill at her nursing home in northern Italy on March 17. The virus has killed 20 fellow residents.
Armenia cautiously reports signs of success in fighting Covid-19
The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country climbed by only 11 to reach 833 on April 6.
Georgia coronavirus cases climb to 188
Two elderly women with underlying health issues have died so far, while 36 patients have recovered.
New York zoo tiger tests positive for coronavirus
Nadia the tiger is believed to have been infected by a zoo employee who wasn’t yet showing symptoms.
YouTube to remove videos falsely linking COVID-19 to 5G
The Google-owned service said it will remove videos that try to make the unsupported connection.
Artsakh resident isolated after returning from Armenia
According to Stepan Sargsyan, no confirmed cases of Covid-19 have so far been recorded in Artsakh.
Pashinyan: Armenia coronavirus cases grow by 11 overnight
Pashinyan said one more person has died from Covid-19, bringing the total number of deaths to eight.
Boris Johnson admitted to hospital with Covid-19
Johnson was taken to a hospital after days of persistent symptoms, during which time he has been self-isolating.
Karabakh soldier wounded in Azerbaijan's shooting
The soldier, identified as Arayik Shakhpazyan, was taken to hospital, he is in a satisfactory condition.
Russia coronavirus cases soar above 5,300
The highest number of confirmed cases has been reported in Moscow, with almost 3,900 infected.
Georgia reports second death from coronavirus
The Director of the First University Clinic said the patient – a woman of 81 – had underlying health conditions.
Coronavirus: Nearly 3,000 released from Sri Lanka prisons
The island nation has stepped up it’s efforts to contain the spreading of the new coronavirus.
Azerbaijan applying movement restrictions amid Covid-19 spread
Restrictions will also be applied to foreigners, stateless persons, everyone else visiting or residing in the country.
U.S. accused of diverting masks meant for Europe
200,000 N95 masks were diverted to the U.S. as they were being transferred between planes in Thailand.
Armenia coronavirus cases reach 822
3844 people have tested negative for the virus since the beginning of the outbreak in the country.
25 out of Armenia’s 770 coronavirus cases have pneumonia
25 out of the 770 confirmed coronavirus cases have pneumonia, three of whom are placed on ventilators.
A digital professional's journey: Finding personal success through repatriation
Artyom Shamtsyan, who is now the Chief Innovation and Digital Officer at Ameriabank, used to live in Boston when he decided to repatriate to Armenia. He knew that he would be a good fit for the company and vice versa, and he was right to think so.
Fitch revises Outlook on Armenia to negative; Affirms at "BB-"
Fitch predicts that the Covid-19 shock will drag down GDP growth from 7.6% in 2019 to 0.5% in 2020.
WHO warns against lifting quarantine restrictions
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called on countries to help their citizens by expanding social welfare programs.
Spain’s coronavirus cases surpass Italy as deaths drop for second day
In particular, the number of confirmed infections increased to 124,736, from 117,710 a day earlier.
170 ceasefire violations by Azerbaijan registered in past week
The Karabakh troops continue controlling the situation on the contact line and protecting their positions.
Georgia reports first death from Covid-19
A 79-year-old woman became the first victim of the novel coronavirus pandemic in Georgia on April 4.
Ambassador: One more Armenian dies from coronavirus in Russia
The Armenian national is also a citizen of Armenia whose family had been living in Russia for the past several days
Armenia: Azerbaijan's disinformation seeks to cover up own violations
The Armenian Foreign Ministry has described Azerbajan's dissemination of disinformation as deplorable.
ADB: Covid-19 expected to slash Armenia GDP growth to 2.2% in 2020
Inflation and the current account deficit are expected to rise slightly in 2020 before moderating in 2021.
Armenia coronavirus cases reach 770
3477 people have tested negative for the virus since the beginning of the outbreak in the country.
ANCA urges Pompeo to reprogram $25m in help Armenia fight Covid-19
ANCA Chairman Raffi Hamparian shared thanks for the Administration’s $1.1 million emergency allocation.
Armenia and region: Coronavirus updates from April 3
The novel coronavirus has been rapidly spreading worldwide, including in Armenia and the region.
Armenia says not negotiating purchase of Russian flu medicine
A company representative had said earlier that negotiations are underway on supplies to Armenia․