May 5, 2010 - 16:07 AMT
Armenian-Turkish dictionary published in Turkey

The Turkish Linguistic Society published an Armenian-Turkish/Turkish-Armenian dictionary.

Professor Sukru Haluk Akalin, Director of the Society, admits that Armenian linguists, specifically, Hakob Martayan, significantly contributed to the creation of the Turkish language.

"We have been trying to publish a comprehensive dictionary for 100 years,” the Professor said. “We have recently started establishing departments of Armenian Studies in our universities, although the number of our historians, who know the Armenian language, is limited."

He noted that the dictionary is of historical importance, saying: “Armenians facilitated development of the public and cultural life of the Ottoman Empire.”

“It’s remarkable that Bedros Keresteciyan authored one of the first etymological dictionaries of the Turkish language, while Armenian linguist Bedros Zeki Garabedyan is the author of a series of Turkish dictionaries. He assembled over 50 textbooks for teaching Turkish in Armenian schools," the Professor said.