Adults should follow children's example in many cases

Eduard Nazarov:

Adults should follow children's example in many cases

PanARMENIAN.Net - Director, actor, script writer and animator - all this is not enough for characterizing Eduard Nazarov, painter and director of Winnie the Pooh (1969), Winnie the Pooh Goes Visiting (1971) and Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day (1972). The great artist was visiting Yerevan in the frameworks of Fifth International Festival of Children's and Youth Films. An interview with him came to reveal that heroes of favorite cartoons necessarily shred common features with the author. Unfortunately, Nazarov's illustrations no longer used in tales and poems about Alan Alexander Miln's hero.
Mr. Nazarov, world is changing rapidly, and children today probably differ from the children of the XX century.

Probably, they do, but not as much as adults. I think children are smarter and differ less. That is, children will be children. They are always in front, and in many cases, adults should follow their example.

Does it mean that creating cartoons, you experience no difficulties, even in this era of changed values?

I think any job is difficult and complicated, if it is done with love. It is easy to judge something you can not do or do not know. Meanwhile, everything is difficult: it is difficult for a pilot, it is difficult for sailors, but also it is difficult for a cartoon producer and for the people who shoot films. After all, cinema, including animation, has a large impact force that imposes a great responsibility on those who involved in film production and especially children's and youth films.
The book "Winnie the Pooh" is relevant, ie, people buy the book now. Do you think, whether your animated movie played a role in its popularity?

You know, the book of Alan Alexander Milne "Winnie the Pooh and All-All-All" no longer goes with our illustrations. I once illustrated it. Within a few years this book was sold, then capitalism gained victory: a large publishing house, absorbing a smaller one, for which I worked, banned the production of the book, buying all the rights. I did not agree to assume a new role.

Did the animated film influence? May be… But the book is really wonderful. It's a pity that our readers do not have a possibility to read in origin, although Boris Zakhoder made a brilliant translation. Anyway. I do not have the answer to your question.

Are films for children and youth in demand now?

They are in demand but they are not advertised properly. This festival in Yerevan not only propagandizes the films for children and youth but appears as Noah's Ark on Ararat. I fell in love with Yerevan. This city resembles Paris. There are cold and warm cities. Saint Petersburg is a cold city. Moscow has become a strange assembly. But Yerevan holds out. There is an impression of warmness and affinity and you can come here again and again.