The opening of the Armenian-Turkish border is a political project and in the economically Armenia does not need it, neither does Turkey

The opening of the borders can have a negative impact on Armenia and also in the regard that the war between the Turkish regular army and the Kurds may noticeably approach the Armenian border.

May 17, 2008
The congressman Adam Schiff introduced the bill calling the US President of Senate to urge Turkey to raise the blockade of the Armenian border. "The act of raising the Turkish blockade of the Armenian border" presumes a response from the Secretary of State about the measures of the USA for raising the blockade of the Armenian blockade in 30 days after final passing of the document. "We must intensify the pressure on Turkey so that it raises the terrible blockade of the Armenian border, which will allow the Armenian entrepreneurs to fully participate in the global economic procedures, as
well as will promote Armenia's integration into Europe," said Adam Schiff.