Vache Kirakosyan:

Armenian Government projects making optic Internet services accessible throughout Armenia

May 30, 2009
Vache Kirakosyan
The Government of Armenia has approved Information Technologies support program. After all big towns are interconnected to one another via optical fiber network, e-Governance project will be launched. System of Electronic ID cards will be elaborated and introduced, electronic cards will replace passports inside the country. RA Economy Ministry's high tech and IT Department Head Vache Kirakosyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter about projected activities.

Aram Mkrtchyan:

Anelik Bank planning to improve automation system

May 27, 2009
Aram Mkrtchyan
The global economic crisis has struck Armenia's banking system. The income of a large number of banks has decreased by 20%, in addition to March devaluation. Nevertheless, the first quarter of the year is over and there is hope for the better. President of Anelik Bank Aram Mkrtchyan commented to on current problems and plans for future to PanARMENIAN.Net.

Ruben Mehrabyan:

South Caucasus facing drastic change?

May 7, 2009
Ruben Mehrabyan
To all appearance, the South Caucasus is facing drastic change. Main actors - U.S. and Russia - intensified activities, what makes Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan reconsider their foreign policy. The question is whether the U.S. will succeed in pushing Russia out of the region, where it used to establish rules in the course of 20 years. Expert at Armenian Center for Political and International Studies, Ruben Mehrabyan comments on the situation to PanARMENIAN.Net.

Gagik Eghanyan:

Return of immigrants: from desired goal to a problem

March 26, 2009
Migration has been one of the most serious issues for post-soviet states, including Armenia. In world financial crisis situation, one of the main tasks of RA Government is to show timely reaction in choosing priority directions of migration policy. RA Migration Agency Head Gagik Eghanyan shared his views on the issue in an interview to PanARMENIAN.Net.

Harutyun Khachatryan:

It's easy to shoot films about glossy life and eulogize it

March 13, 2009
Harutyun Khachatryan
Harutyun Khachatryan's Border documentary was first screened at International Film Festival Rotterdam late January. Besides, the Armenian director signed a memorandum on cooperation between Golden Apricot and Film Festival Rotterdam. Harutyun Khachatryan shares his impressions with PanARMENIAN.Net.

Raul de Luzenberger:

Eastern Partnership can help development of cooperation in South Caucasus

February 18, 2009
Raul de Luzenberger
Armenia is dynamically integrating into European structures. The inclusion of the republic in the Eastern Partnership initiative can encourage closer cooperation with Europe and offer a stability and security guarantee. Head of the European Commission Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Raul de Luzenberger commented to PanARMENIAN.Net on prospects for the initiative.