RA State Revenue Committee exceeds planned indices of tax collection by AMD 34.7bln

RA State Revenue Committee exceeds planned indices of tax collection by AMD 34.7bln

August 3, 2010 - 11:31 AMT  09:44 GMT
As for social payments, the State Revenue Committee exceeded the planned indices by 6.5bln, collecting AMD 64.9bln.

Hague court ruling: a precedent to be used in Karabakh issue?

July 31, 2010 - 19:00 AMT  09:44 GMT
Hague court verdict on Kosovo independence is a moral and juridical assessment of the situation which may have an influence on Karabakh conflict settlement, according to Orinats Yerkir deputy chairman Mher Shahgeldyan. As he told July 24 news conference in Yerevan, Kosovo precedent consolidates juridical and diplomatic position of Armenian side in peace talks for Karabakh conflict settlement. “The ICJ ruling is legitimate and acceptable to international community. Kosovo verdict gives de jure confirmation of de facto situation with Karabakh, as well as other conflict zones.”

Why do prices grow in Armenia?

July 31, 2010 - 16:02 AMT  09:44 GMT
The RA Ministry of Agriculture hurried to make comforting forecasts with respect to 3-5% growth in Armenia's agriculture by the end of 2010, despite 13.1% drop in it during the first half of 2010. Minister of Agriculture Gerasim Alaverdyan published sad figures conditioned by climatic conditions, what has resulted in a significant decrease in harvest of fruit trees, vegetables, as well as melons and gourds. The harvest of fruit trees totaled 80,000 this year against 161,000t in 2009. The harvest of apricots made 25,000 this year against 85,000t in 2009. Its export amounted to 2,000t in 2010 against 13,000t last year. Around 25-30% of harvest has suffered. Moreover, harvesting has been delayed in Armenia for 25-30 days as a result of frosts, pouring rains and bad pollination.

Gerald Papasian: it took me 9 months to translate Anoush opera text

July 27, 2010 - 19:11 AMT  09:44 GMT
The phrase “Armen Tigranian’s Anoush opera in English” may puzzle those who’ve ever seen it. However Gerald Papasian’s translation quite fit into the complicated music of Armen Tigranian. Michigan Opera Theatre was the first to feature English version of the opera in 1981.

First stage of IP/MPLS network construction completed in Armenia

July 26, 2010 - 19:08 AMT  09:44 GMT
GNC Alfa has completed the first stage of IP/MPLS network construction with 10Gbps network capacity. Networks in Yerevan and 16 Armenian towns have been put into operation. Coverage of 29 towns is envisaged till yearend. GNC-Alfa is a telecommunications network services operator in Armenia. The Company owns a fiber-optic network passing along the Armenia-Iran gas pipeline. GNC-Alfa network, built on technologies of American Juniper Networks, is designed to provide wholesale transport network services to fixed and mobile operators and ISPs, as well as transit services via Armenia.

Arthur Alexanyan wins champion’s title at Junior World Wrestling Championships

July 24, 2010 - 21:13 AMT  09:44 GMT
Wrestling: on July 21, Armenia’s Greco-Roman wrestler Arthur Alexanyan (weight class 84kg) won the champion’s title at Junior World Wrestling Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Earlier, Armenia’s Alexan Mikaelyan (weight class 60kg) won bronze.
Karabakh war. The story of a patriot

Karabakh war. The story of a patriot

July 7, 2010 - 15:06 AMT  09:44 GMT
The 1988 events in Sumgait, Azerbaijan, shocked the entire Armenianhood. Dozens of people were slaughtered, majority of them after tortures and severe beatings. Over 200 apartments were robbed and burnt. Thousands of refugees remained homeless. This year changed the lives of many people. 27-year-old Manvel Yeghiazaryan was not an exception…