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Experience of one conflict settlement never fits another

It is quite likely that absence of NKR in the reconciliation process is the very obstacle preventing the parties from reaching an agreement.

April 5, 2011
Every prolonged conflict has landmarks that are recalled when negotiations once again come to a standstill. This is sort of a reminder of missed opportunities and unfulfilled hopes of one of the parties. In this connection one recalls the negotiations between Robert Kocharyan and Heydar Aliyev in Key West. These negotiations, as well as all the following ones, could never end up in an agreement.

Armenia has chance to break through to UEFA EURO 2012 qualification finals

The team has young and hungry for victory players, a talented coach and support of thousands of fans.

April 2, 2011
Armenia has chance to break through to UEFA EURO 2012 qualification finals
The long-awaited Armenia-Russia UEFA EURO 2012 qualifier ended 0-0 on March 26 in Yerevan.

Raffi Hovannisian - Don Quijote of Armenian politics

With his unexpected hunger strike, the leader of Heritage party surprised not only the people but also his party fellows.

April 2, 2011
Raffi Hovannisian - Don Quijote of Armenian politics
The hunger strike of Heritage party leader Raffi Hovannisian came to be the most debated topic in Armenia over the past two weeks. The decision was negatively met both by the authorities and opposition, which was extremely aggressive.

Mitigated gas prices for poor Armenian families to alleviate inflation damage

60 thousand needy families will pay a lower price for the natural gas from April 1, 2011.

April 2, 2011
Challenged by high inflation rate, the Armenian government has launched various agricultural programs and resolved to bring down the gas prices for poor families. Thus, from April 1, 2011, 60 thousand of needy families will pay a lower price for the natural gas. The measure has become possible due to the changes effected in the energy system, specifically modernization of the Yerevan heat power plant. The consumers who use up to 300 cu m of gas will be given special coupons which will allow then to pay AMD 100 for a cu m. Those consuming more than 300 cu m will pay the standards price set at AMD 132.

Nowruz: Armenian youth more tolerant on Iranians inflow than older people

Both generations speak out against settlement of Iranians in Armenia.

March 21, 2011
On March 21-28 the tourist inflow in Armenia will reach a record high, with over 20.000 Iranian tourists to arrive in Armenia for Nowruz (Muslim New Year) celebrations.

Almost all museums in Yerevan lack funds and attention

Local residents almost ceased going to museums, with exception for schoolchildren and students.

March 3, 2011
Almost all museums in Yerevan lack funds and attention
There are over 30 museums in Yerevan, most of them being under guardianship of the Armenian Ministry of Culture and National Academy of Sciences and almost all of them lacking funds and attention. Low salaries force employees quit.
IT & Technology:

Armenian users active on Twitter and Facebook, lose interest in blogs

Review of February 22-28 information technology and telecommunication events.

March 1, 2011
Supporters of the Armenian National Congress opposition bloc are using social networks to spread information about the future plans. Particularly, opposition activists have already launched Armenian Revolution of reform: March 1, 2011 page on Facebook to inform of the actions planned for March 1. They also created #1mar hashtag in microblog Twitter, where they inform of the mass rally dated to the 3rd anniversary of the March 1, 2008 events, when 10 people were killed and thousands injured. Armenian opposition follows the example of Tunisia and Egypt as well as other Arab states, where organizers of disorders employed social media to implement their plans.