When will Armenia’s business sector show progress?

“A smaller country may easier adapt to new conditions,” Deputy Director of Association of Russian Banks analytical department said.

July 23, 2011
Improvement in business climate may become possible through raising the level of property rights protection in the country to stimulate capital inflow and simultaneously reduce its outflow, according to Sergey Grigoryan, Deputy Director of Association of Russian Banks analytical department.
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Armenian-Turkish border might open much earlier than anyone pictures

By opening the border, Turkey actually declines to support Karabakh conflict settlement, which, generally speaking, is nothing new.

July 22, 2011
Once again USA raises the question of opening the Armenian-Turkish border. Nothing new, in general: every time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits the region, in negotiations with the Armenian and Turkish leaders she necessarily puts forward the need for opening the border. This time she accused Turkish opposition, particularly Leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Kemal Kilicdaroglu, of delaying and hindering the ratification process of Armenian-Turkish Protocols on normalization of relations.

Armenian boxers, wrestlers win medals at European Championships

Review of June 17-25 sports events.

June 25, 2011
Football: Armenian forwards Gevorg Ghazaryan and Marcos Pizzelli signed 3-year contracts with Metallurg Donetsk. “We have closely watches the guys’ career, so there was no need for a try-out,” Metallurg sports director Vardan Israelyan said. The first match the Armenian forwards played as part of the Ukrainian FC was a friendly against Ujpest (Hungary) on June 21. Earlier, Metallurg signed a contract with Armenian midfielder Karlen Mkrtchyan.

Sevan beach season 2011

This year, authorities decided to respect the ordinary people's right to spend their weekends on the shore of “Armenian sea” - Lake Sevan.

June 16, 2011
Sevan beach season 2011
Primarily, it was planned to open the beach season on June 15-16, regardless of the weather. However, it turned out that the season will open by July 1. Closure date is not known yet. Meanwhile, meteorologists promise habitual hot summer in Armenia, within the norms.

Political dialogue: in search of compromise

It’s not ruled out that early presidential election will be held simultaneously with the regular parliamentary election.

June 6, 2011
Political dialogue: in search of compromise
The opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) openly announced the start of political dialogue with the authorities during the May 31 rally in Liberty Square. The ANC has already formed the delegation to negotiate with the country’s leadership, mentioning snap elections and the main issue on the agenda. The authorities, on the contrary, insist that they are planning to discuss social and economic problems but by no means any possibility of extraordinary elections.
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Employers and job seekers: how to find each other

Arpine Grigoryan։ each job seeker should understand why to apply for this “x” job in this “x” company but not for “y” job in “y” company.

April 26, 2011
The number of Armenian websites which post job announcements is growing each year. But are they flexible and useful for both employer and employee? PanARMENIAN.Net reporter tried to find the answer to this question.

Almost all museums in Yerevan lack funds and attention

Local residents almost ceased going to museums, with exception for schoolchildren and students.

March 3, 2011
Almost all museums in Yerevan lack funds and attention
There are over 30 museums in Yerevan, most of them being under guardianship of the Armenian Ministry of Culture and National Academy of Sciences and almost all of them lacking funds and attention. Low salaries force employees quit.