From investment fund to calamity zone

From investment fund to calamity zone

Most important points of new government program

On October 18, the Armenian government approved a new program that was adopted by the National Assembly. PanARMENIAN.Net presents the most important points of the 33-page document.

PanARMENIAN.Net - The preamble of the government program says that the challenges Armenia faces demand instant reforms to be carried out with the efforts of the whole nation for its protection, dignity, better living conditions, just society and optimism for the future.

According to the paper, to secure sustainable economic development and financing of investment programs, the government plans to create an investment fund for a closer cooperation between the state and private sector.

To boost tourism, specifically rural tourism, a pilot project is envisaged to be carried out in 60 settlements. Upon its completion, a national tourism development program will be launched, including a competition for making at least 5 caves a tourist attraction, as well as creation of “Pilgrimage to First Christian Country” concept.

To develop the agricultural sector, a strategy to protect crops from natural disasters (draught, hail) will be developed within 3 months. Promotion of Armenian brandy and creation of favorable conditions for fruit tree planting (in 2018-2020) are also expected.

To attract more foreign organizations to the Armenian IT market, at least two events will be organized at the international level. As for the transport and communications, the information on republican roads will be available online, while a common system will be created to control the transportation activities within the country.

In the field of energy infrastructures and natural resources, it’s supposed to develop program on renewable energy in 2017 for its launch in 2018, to modernize and extend the life of the 2nd reactor of the Armenian Nuclear Power Plant, to complete construction of Armenia-Iran and Armenia-Georgia high voltage transmission lines in 2019.

To improve the defense sector, the government plans to boost the army capability against the existing threats, to carry out works for preserving the balance in the region and to ensure civil control over the armed forces, as well as offer more opportunities for women willing to engage in military service.

In the field of human rights and justice, there are plans to build trust in election processes, including organization of events and acquisition of equipment. The document also envisages provision of medical assistance in 11 penal institutions in the country.

The government plans to modernize the system of awarding academic credentials in line with the European standards, to limit the age of scientific workers at governmental posts to 70, to mostly finance the development of applied sciences, research and constructive programs.

According to the paper, the gas and electricity tariff policy will be amended till the end of 2016 to make the services affordable for the vulnerable social classes.

Other legislative measures include: preservation of the ecological balance of Lake Sevan; promotion of Armenian culture and raising awareness of the Armenian cultural heritage, namely, registration of 400 cultural monuments abroad and upgrading of the existing database, as well as turning historical venues into museums.

The government also plans to continue implementation of housing program for homeless families in the 1988 earthquake calamity zone and complete it in 2017 in Gyumri.

Kristine Kyurklyan / PanARMENIAN.Net
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