Political dialogue: in search of compromise

Political dialogue: in search of compromise

It’s not ruled out that early presidential election will be held simultaneously with the regular parliamentary election.

The opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) openly announced the start of political dialogue with the authorities during the May 31 rally in Liberty Square. The ANC has already formed the delegation to negotiate with the country’s leadership, mentioning snap elections and the main issue on the agenda. The authorities, on the contrary, insist that they are planning to discuss social and economic problems but by no means any possibility of extraordinary elections.

PanARMENIAN.Net - The major question the Armenian public is concerned about is the real agenda of the talks, while the sides continue demonstrating diametrically opposite positions. Thus, one of the Congress leaders, Haykakan Zhamanak newspaper editor-in-chief Nikol Pashinyan remarked that dialogue does not necessarily imply concessions. “The balance of forces is the crucial factor,” he said. “The ANC, unlike the authorities, enjoys the popular support.”

Meanwhile, representatives of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) advise the Congress to get prepared for the regular parliamentary election, noting that not much time is left.

Nevertheless, everyone clearly understands that dialogue without compromise is not possible. Besides, there are rumors that the process was initiated by influential forces from the outside, including the U.S. and European institutions, so the leadership and the ANC will have to reach a consensus acceptable for both.

It’s not ruled out that early presidential election will be held simultaneously with the regular parliamentary election, what the Congress will use as justification to smooth inevitable discontent of the supporters.

For the authorities, such a move will be even more profitable, as it can be explained by the desire to save the nation’s money and, at the same time, to put an end to the delicate issue regarding the power’s legitimacy and popular support. Moreover, it may give President Serzh Sargsyan an advantage - unexpectedness - which will deprive his opponents of the possibility to consolidate positions. This is specifically actual in case of the Robert Kocharian factor, so actively debated recently.

This political move was successfully performed by Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, who resigned in November 2007 to win the pre-term presidential election in January 2008.

And last but not least argument in favor of such a decision is the grave social economic situation and necessity to take drastic measures to resolve the problems the republic faces.

All know that it’s impossible without elimination of the oligarchic system and creation of equal conditions for enterprises. Judging by the latest statements made by representatives of the ruling coalition, the authorities have come to understand this necessity, although the task doesn’t seem to be an easy one. Combination of two elections will allow the President to launch system reform without waiting for 2013 to preclude any possibility of repetition of Middle East unrest in Armenia.

Hayk Khalatyan / PanARMENIAN News
16  31.05.11 - ANC Protest Rally with participation of recently amnestied oppositionists Nikol Pashinyan and Sasun Mikaelyan takes place at Liberty Square of Yerevan
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