Turkey will never join EU

Ewald Stadler:

Turkey will never join EU

PanARMENIAN.Net - Turkey’s entry into EU would further increase the danger of islamization of Europe, Johann Ewald Stadler said. Ahead of the parliamentary elections in Armenia, PanARMENIAN.Net had an interview with Johann Ewald Stadler, Austrian representative in the European Parliament. Stadler will visit Armenia as member of the observing mission of the International Center of Election Systems (ICES). Speaking in Austria’s parliament on April 24, Stadler called on Turkey to recognize the Armenian Genocide. In 2011, Austrian MP demanded that Turkish ambassador in Vienna be banished.
Do you think Turkey's accession to EU is something possible in the coming future?
No, for two reasons. First because those countries that seem to favour it are bluffing, especially Britain, just for their interests; but they know it is unrealistic. Secondly, because opinion polls in countries with large population, especially Poland and Austria show that 75-80% of respondents oppose Turkey’s accession to EU. Finally, there would have to be a referendum which Turkey would never pass.

How do you estimate the danger of islamization of Europe as a whole?
The danger is huge, as the birth rate of Muslims is far beyond those of Christians, plus there is ongoing Muslim immigration. Turkey’s entry into EU would worsen that even more.

Do you think there are any prospects for Armenian Genocide recognition by Turkey?
Turkey will have to recognize the Genocide against Armenia because the debate on genocides does always include historical genocides; Turkey will have to admit its historical fault and crimes against Armenians.

Any other comments on Armenian-Austrian relations...?
We have close ties lying on the basis of common Christian identity and solidarity; besides, there is also a strong moral basis because the good Austrians like Franz Werfel make much effort to enforce the rights and justice to Armenia.

Strong symbols are the Mkhitharists and the Werfel monument in Vienna.