Vladislav Martynov:

SAP to promote knowledge-based economy in Armenia

December 6, 2010
Vladislav Martynov
Walldorf–based SAP, one of the world's leading providers of business software, entered the Armenian market on December 2. SAP Managing Director CIS Vladislav Martynov commented to PanARMENIAN.Net on the changes the Armenian business society can expect in the future.

Richard Stallman:

When there is no more proprietary software, we will completely reach our goal..

November 18, 2010
Richard Stallman
Richard Stallman, the preacher of free software, confirms his status by putting on a frock of Saint IGNUcius, a saint of the Church of Emacs. His sermon calls for free distribution of software, with programmers having access to the code. People call Stallman a crank, a hippy, a communist or even a prophet of free software. A prophet can do anything he wants: he can call Microsoft a malware and label Apple as attacker on users. Being in Armenia for the first time, Stallman said that in Boston, where he lives, he buys bread from a bakery named Sevan. He promised to share impressions about Armenia and Lake Sevan with the bakery owners upon return home.

Vladimir Grigoryan:

Opening of IT Development Center is a serious move to improve the field in Arstakh

July 16, 2010
Vladimir Grigoryan
IT Development Center opened in the Artsakh Republic with the assistance of Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs and NKR Investment Foundation on May 12, 2010. Head of the Center Vladimir Grigoryan commented to PanARMENIAN.Net on the prospects of IT development in the republic.

Alexis Ohanian:

Internet can become an instrument for Diaspora to get to know Armenia

May 8, 2010
Alexis Ohanian
American Alexis Ohanian is first of all known as the cofounder of reddit.com, a popular social news website where visitors can share, vote and discover interesting links from all over the Internet. However, Armenia learnt of him only after his presentation at TED, which the conference made available online. In 2007, not long after selling reddit to Condé Nast, Alexis founded Breadpig, a social enterprise based on selling geeky things and donating the profits. Their most recent success was the book, xkcd: volume 0, the publisher profits of which built a school in Laos with more schools on the way. Alexis is visiting Armenia for the first time as a volunteer of Kiva, a non-profit online microcredit platform. He is already planning his next visit to his historical homeland.

Eugene Kaspersky:

No problem in anti-malware industry

September 17, 2009
Eugene Kaspersky
Kaspersky Lab and Armenian government signed a cooperation agreement, starting with establishment of joint IT academy. Founder and owner of one of the world's major anti-malware company, Mr. Eugene Kaspersky comments to PanARMENIAN.Net on the programs to be implemented.

Vache Kirakosyan:

Armenian Government projects making optic Internet services accessible throughout Armenia

May 30, 2009
Vache Kirakosyan
The Government of Armenia has approved Information Technologies support program. After all big towns are interconnected to one another via optical fiber network, e-Governance project will be launched. System of Electronic ID cards will be elaborated and introduced, electronic cards will replace passports inside the country. RA Economy Ministry's high tech and IT Department Head Vache Kirakosyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter about projected activities.