Family Guy scribes release "Robots Feel Nothing" best Tweets collection

Family Guy scribes release

PanARMENIAN.Net - Family Guy writers Alec Sulkin, Artie Johann and Michael Desilets have joined together for Robots Feel Nothing When They Hold Hands, a collection of their best tweets over the last few years, The Hollywood Reporter said.

Rounding out the volume are illustrations by Joe Vausx and Dominic Bianchi, who draw for Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane wrote a foreword for the book.

The book is really funny. Family Guy fans will love the humor and the book does have a great throwback feel to the great kid’s joke books of the 70s and 80s – the kind of thing that is perfect to pick up for a quick laugh.

Sulkin had the initial idea for the book (and he has the largest twitter presence with about 360,000 followers) and then he convinced his fellow Family Guy writers to pool their best tweets together.

Sulkin says the key to a good tweet is brevity, because even at 140 characters people get “reading fatigue.” But the real standard is if it makes him laugh. Whereas in real life, Sulkin curses and uses foul language all the time (who doesn’t?) on twitter he tries to be funny without cussing.

Sometimes his Family Guy writing and his tweeting intersected. “There are things that I’ve tweeted way back when I didn’t have many followers and then I would pitch them to family guy knowing full well that they’ve already gotten a good response on twitter,” he told the THR. Occasionally, the writer uses stuff that gets cut from the show on twitter.

He says the hardest job went to the artists, who had to figure out a way to illustrate the tweets on the basis of just the suggestion to just illustrate the ones they really liked. Sulkin calls the resulting illustrations like an “R-rated Far Side.”

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