PanARMENIAN.Net - Armenian President Robert Kocharian has stated that there is no strong opposition in the country, thus there are no preconditions for realization of the Georgian or Ukrainian revolution scripts. "The best guarantee of stability is effective and energetic authority, addressed and weighed foreign policy," R. Kocharian stated in an interview with the Golos Armenii newspaper. "If the authority is inert, there will always be someone, who will try to take it away, if those discontented are numerous, that someone can rely on them, if the authority impedes any of the powerful of the world, these attempts will be supported from the outside. All the three factors worked in Georgia and Ukraine," the President said. At the same time he noted that at present there is no strong opposition in Armenia. "The higher the opposition level, the more the demands of the society towards the authorities, weak opposition depraves the authorities and stimulates apathy in the society, I am for the forming of a strong opposition," R. Kocharian said.
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