Rumors confirmed: Christian women being raped in Aleppo

Rumors confirmed: Christian women being raped in Aleppo

PanARMENIAN.Net - A statement has been published in Halebahayotion Facebook page, with rumors suggesting Christian women are raped in Aleppo, confirmed.

“To all the human race in all the world, we hereby notify you, full of anger and grief, that the gossip about Christian girls in Syria being raped while the offender praises Allah 3 times (saying Allah is the Greatest) is unfortunately true. We have confirmed the news but we do not know the exact number of victims.

We do not like sectarianism, and we do not like killing people. History reminds us of the hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East who have been massacred. They were slaughtered like sheep in our own country by the Ottoman Empire at the start of the 20th century. History repeated itself in Iraq and the world still kept silent. Now it is being repeated in Sheikh Maksoud, a town near Aleppo.

The perpetrator is the same, the hatred they have is the same, the lust they have is the same but the victim today will not keep silent like a sheep. The victim today will take action and cut off not only the hand but also the head of any perpetrator. Today history will have to change it’s course. Many countries kept silent during 1915 as this same perpetrator massacred 1.5 million Armenians. Today those same countries keep quiet and take no action.

They pretend to be freedom callers, they claim to have brotherliness, they claim they are peace loving, forgiving striving and calling to Jihad for the sake of their rights... the right to what? Raping women? Or praising Allah as they rape women?

Directing our words now to all military commanders in Sheikh Maksoud and demand that all criminals be held accountable for their transgressions and that their legal punishments be executed. If these offenders are not held accountable then we as Christians, Muslims, Druze, Armenians, Kurds as a whole and as children of Syria without any sectarian differentiation or racism will take matters into our own hands. We will not wait for the official army or any other. We will defend our own human rights, our honor and our virtue.

The aim of this letter is not to incite sectarian strife and it’s not a trick played by the regime or the opposition. Both the regime and the opposition forces are playing their dirty games on or account.

This is a letter from Syrian Citizens,” the statement reads.

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